Hey Bros:

Yours truly is in the new house.  It’s a two-story deal with a basement.  I’m blogging to you from my new office, painted bright blue.  (To stimulate my creativeness.)  I’ve moved in here with the missus and her dog.  A tiny dog known as a Maltese.  It wouldn’t be embarassing to walk except for the fact that she keeps putting sweaters on the damned thing.  Poor dog.  At least it’s a girl dog.  If it was a boy dog, I might have to put it out of its misery.

This month, I’ll be forging ahead with convention activities.  It’s a little early in the year, but what the Hell.  It’s a whole new deal with my house.  I’ll let you in on a not-too-well-kept secret bros.

I lived with my parents for most of my 42 years.

There was a short period I moved to L.A. and got my clock cleaned and I, of course, lived at college back in the day.  But for most of the time, I lived at home (although not in the basement).  My pad wasn’t bad and with motels being nice and cheap in South Jersey, I was never at a loss for a place to bang.

The last five years there were actually some of the best.  My parents had moved to a farm and I got really used to having lots of room for my ever-expanding pile of crap.  It was only natural I make a move to a house from there, but I gotta tell you its weird.  Having my own office and fridge and TV’s.  Wow.  My stuff is everywhere.  I was so used to having everything in my life crammed in one room and for the first time, it feels like I can stretch out.  It’s nice, bros.  Real nice.

I tell you all this because, naturally, I’ve been moving so I didn’t have time to prepare a proper post.  The missus and I normally hit the movies about once a week, but we’ve missed the last three because of the move.  Maybe tomorrow.  Oh, yeah, it’s President’s Day.

First off, we used to have two holidays, not just one (so what a rip.)  Second off, how can anyone compare George Washington to Abe Lincoln?  Maybe I’ve been reading too much stuff off the Libertarian news sites, but George beats Lincoln hands down.  What jackass came up with President’s Day?  We used to get TWO days off you mope!  Why would you eliminate one day?!

Either way, have a good day off bros.  Remember, the banks and post offices will be closed.  I’ll leave you with some of my favorite links from Collegehumor (please click the link at the bottom right, so we can get the linkswap going with them.  Thanks!)

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