Hey bros:

TIF is a big hit!  So it’s time once again to continue to feed media it’s own tail.  Our contestant this week is cherrybombnyc

January 6th, 5:42pm: “Color me sexually frustrated.”

I find it interesting that hot girls are sexually frustrated.  Is it because they are so hot they are too intimidating for most guys?  Or is it when you can get laid whenever you want, having an off day is sexually frustrating?  I can’t imagine this woman would have a problem.

Yea haw.

January 8th, 9:10am: “Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements?”

Is she looking for a job?

January 8th, 6:15pm: “Archery lessons, thank god”

You can take archery in New York City?  What do you shoot at?  Taxis?

January 9th, 9:11am: “ There is a darkness deep in you / a frightening magic I cling to”

She’s quoting something.  About who.  My guess it’s about herself.

January 9th, 10:51am: “Really stoked about my photo shoot tomorrow. I’m about to unleash some scandal on North Cackalack…and the greater Dirty South!”

Photo shot?  Nice!  We’re stoked too Cherrybomb.

January 9th, 2:07pm: “Cherry Bomb is no words, just heart

Yeah, I think that other quote is about herself.  Gotta be conceited on some level to talk about yourself in the third person.  I know Tony does when Tony does it.

January 9th, 6:07pm: “When I move, you move”

Bossy little minx, isn’t she?

January 11th, 4:55pm: “I’m going home, gonna load my shotgun, wait by the door and light a cigarette”

This chick has a lot of weapons.  I think she may be paranoid.

January 12th, 10:13am: “Silently

Yeah, I sometimes forget to finish my sentences that early in the morning.

January 13th, 8:57am: “There is a darkness deep in you. A frightening magic I cling to.

Jeez, she’s repeating herself worse than Mitch Hedberg during a monologue.

January 13th, 5:53pm: “You know it’s just too little, too late”

January 14th, 10:27am: “You say you dream of my face/ but you don’t like me/ you just like the chase”

Your face is pretty awesome, but trust me, there are other parts to dream about.

January 14th, 12:19pm: “Cold and beautiful. That’s winter here”

January 15th, 8:52am: “Chasing pavement

Wait a minute, I knew she was too hot.  She’s a bot!

January 15th, 1:39pm: “Earth calms fire.”

January 16th, 2:31pm: “You don’t like me / you just like the chase

Yep, definitely a bot.

January 16th, 2:33pm: “JoJo provides this afternoon’s inspiration. I can’t argue”

Yeah, well, maybe you should fire JoJo.  JoJo repeats his inspiration a lot.  Oh, well.  No complaints here, Cherrybomb.  You are hot.  Reading your thoughts may not be scintillating, but you got plenty of pics.   And isn’t it more important the bros have plenty to wank to?  Hooray for Burlesque.

I give cherrybombnyc a 7 for Style (her blog is pretty awesome), a 3 for Mustness (she repeats herself) and a 7 for Insanity (you got to be a little nuts to post so many half naked pics of yourself).  That’s an overall score of 5.6, but I’ll give you an additional 1.4 for your awesome pics, so let’s make a 7.