Yo, bros!

Yours truly is prepping for an intense week of Super Frat strips and house hunting with the missus.  If you’ve never done the house hunting thing, it’s pretty crazy.  Kind of like watching the HGTV channel and actually giving a shit about the outcome.

In other news, after a long hiatus, I am again working on Zombie Country.  We have three more episode shot, but the editing system has been down for months. My goal is to have a new episode up before Halloween.

And speaking of comedy, my improv group, the Ninjas, has a gig on Tuesday, 8pm at the Raven Lounge, 1718 Samson Street in Philadelphia if you’re in the area.  Our opening act is again the great guys from Mr. Lizard, also an improv group.  And after that, there’s a comedian open mic.  Stop by if you’re around.  You can get drunk!

And speaking of drunk, how ’bout that election?  I think I need a drink just to get through it.  Vote in our amazingly scientific poll on the message board. The last 10 elections have been decided by the Super Frat message board, so its only fair you vote.

More Super Frat/Dick Masterson crossover, more Sr. Cactus and other surprises this week.  Stay tuned bros.