Gary was the man.

Thanks for turning my 1980’s into one long blur of graph paper and die rolls. (I probably wasn’t ready for a girlfriend anyways.) When my friends and were bored, you were always there. For many years I’d while away the hours building dungeons and worlds and eventually the Travelers comic book. To this day, whenever I need to figure out a problem, I reduce it to game stats first. Gary’s death is like losing hit points permanently. It’s bad. It’s real bad. But Gary’s life is what we celebrate. He brought joy to millions and I’m happy to be one. Without his game, I’d never know how to properly use a halberd or why I should never look directly at a snake-headed woman. You were the original rockstar geek, Gary. Drinking Wild Turkey while gaming to all hours. Living life to the fullest in this world and the ones you created. Today we roll our d20’s in your honor. (14) And a percentile for good measure. (97! I get psionics!) You were the man, Gary. The Original Dungeonmaster. The George Washington of RPG’s. Now your DM’ing in heaven.

Go easy on God. He’s a noob.

-Tony D