Donald Trump held a social media summit with most of YouTube and the media went crazy. Here now are ten things I expect from the summit.

  1. Jim Accosta launches YouTube channel to negative followers.
  2. Trump asks someone to show him how to look up Stormy Daniels on Pornhub.
  3. Joe Rogan is finally told how they faked the moon landing.
  4. Fist fights break out over who can recharge their phone first.
  5. Google “accidentally” forgets to add any coverage of the summit to their search engine.
  6. Memesmiths demand recognition by Department of Commerce.
  7. Tim Pool first person to wear knit hat in White House.
  8. Pewdie Pie possible new face for ten dollar bill.
  9. Trump finally launches Twitch channel.
  10. White House wifi crashes as everyone attempts to live stream.