1. When you take a ghost poop, it just sinks into the ground.
  2. You have to find someone to haunt that watches the same kind of TV shows you do.
  3. You’d rather haunt good looking people so you can watch them shower and have sex.
  4. Other ghosts that scare people are probably dicks.
  5. You probably get used to be totally naked, then get weirded out when a dog sees you.
  6. When everyone goes to sleep, it would probably be best to use your ghost powers to read a book or something.
  7. Watching people eat will probably be a drag, unless there’s some kind of ghost food.
  8. You could earn your keep and be a burglar alarm for the cool people you haunt.
  9. You’d probably get super judgmental of people, since you know all their secret shit.
  10. You can pretty much wack off wherever you want, no one sees you.