Hollywood is back with another year of slowly dying sales and barely competent movies. I’m tight with cash, so I do judge a book by its cover. This is why I’m not seeing these movies 2019.

The Lego Movie 2: So many unanswered questions after the first one. Look, I actually liked the first movie, but seriously? This is a rental at best.

Cold Pursuit: AKA: Take in the Snow. Can we just start calling this movies Liam Neeson II, III, IV, etc.? Or Just “Liam Neeson Kills Everybody”?

What Men Want: Well, I’m glad Tracy Morgan is working again, but no.

Isn’t It Romantic: Yeah, a character trapped in a romantic comedy movie. Oh, boy. Who WOULDN’T want that? I think I would rather jump out a window into a tank of live eels than see that movie.

The Sex Trip: No.

The Aftermath: Another World War II movie. Can’t get enough of those!

Dumbo (live action): Sometimes I just sit at home and wonder, when will Disney turn all its cartoon live? I mean, why not make all the live action movies cartoons too? Hell, why not just make the same ten movies every year?

Hotel Mumbai: Because nothing says movie like recreating a news story. Because, you know, news is SO unable to endlessly talk about the same subject or make a documentary about it.

Miss Bala: This trailer didn’t even look passable. It just came on TV and the lead looked more uncomfortable than me in a vegan restaurant.

Is there a reason to even go to the movies anymore? I mean, I guess if you want to overpay for snacks.