1. Angry Patriots Fans tie down Tom Brady and force feed him cheesesteaks as punishment.
  2. Every window in South Philly gets smashed out by something green during the parade.
  3. Statue of Mayor Rizzo melted down to build statue of Nick Foles.
  4. It’s later revealed that despite the loss, the Patriots cheated.
  5. Bud Light goes bankrupt after victory parade.
  6. Philadelphia fans to become even more insufferable in other venues.
  7. “Fly Eagles Fly” song changed to “Fuck Everybody Else, We Won!”
  8.  Boston must change its name to “Shit Town” after losing bet between mayors.
  9.  Philadelphia drives itself into bankruptcy building an even bigger, more ostentatious stadium.
  10.  Victory parade lasts six days causing two hundred million dollars in damage.