Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Onion writer, Matt Crowley.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


November 14th:  “People say the film industry is in decline like they don’t know that in 2018 we’re getting movies called Gnome Alone AND Sherlock Gnomes.”

What?  No Gnomunji?

November 17th:  “Crazy to think that Ross Perot was the one person on the 1996 presidential debate stage who wasn’t a sexual predator.”

Bob Dole too?!

November 17th:  “What’s happening in Alabama is like if the family from Capturing The Friedmans were an entire state.”

That is a Dennis Miller level of obscure reference.

November 19th:  “My three greatest fears.

Sounds like Thanksgiving in Texas.

November 19th:  “Chicago has the best food.

It’s what they’ll serve when the Apocalypse comes.

November 20th: 2017. Smdh.

Is that man being stung to death?

November 20th: Ooh and Nala is first on the buzzer!

Is this where the Onion sends you?

12 hours ago: No.

So easy to criticize, so hard to satirize.

April 15th:  “”My name’s not on the list? Well maybe you’ve heard of my friend Benjamin Franklin?” – Thomas Jefferson trying to get into a club”

Hey!  You can’t retweet yourself!  Although that was pretty funny.

Okay, let’s rate Matt’s Tweets.  Pretty consistent comedy tweets.  I give him a 7 for Style, an 8 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8, follow Matt.

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