Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Leah Remini, who is destroying Scientology one show at a time!  Let’s see what she’s tweeting!


3 hours ago:  “Google it. See what Scientology says about themselves

I’m sure it’s a glowing review.  It’s amazing that a science fiction writer started all this.

3 hours ago:  “. thank you for sharing your story and opening your heart to us!

His interview in Going Clear is one of the best moments of that movie.

3 hours ago:  “Never. All Scientologists have to read, learn the same thing”

Really?  Who would have the time to read all that?  Doesn’t seem like something a busy celeb could even do.

3 hours ago:  “They can see Scientology “doctrine” for themselves and stop allowing these celebrities to get away with it . Do their dang research right?”

I could see why journalist wouldn’t ask a celebrity.  They’re just happy to have an interview with someone famous.  They don’t want to rock the boat.

3 hours ago:  “They say you don’t have to believe it. But you still have to do it

So even after you hear the alien nonsense, they kinda tacitly admit it’s bullshit?  Crazy.

3 hours ago:  “We have asked him or any scientologist to come and talk to us. They refused

I can’t imagine those guys would.  They wouldn’t look good.

3 hours ago:  “Better yet, why don’t they bring a suit against me and we can stop playing games

Sounds like someone is ready to go!

2 hours ago:  “Would love it. How about one of their 500 lawyers? Maybe Monique Yingling?”

Ah, I’m sure it would be nonsense.  No way they’d have anything insightful to say.

29 minutes ago:  “Thank you all for watching and tweeting with us tonight!

Great show.  Gonna watch tonight’s episode now!

Okay, let’s rate Leah’s tweets.  You should really watch the show and see her Twitter account.  Had to cut out all the back and forth with people asking questions about the episode.  It’s pretty mind blowing how crazy Scientology gets.  I give Leah a 9 for Style, an 8 for Insanity and a 10 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 9.  Follow Leah.

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