Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is prolific comic creator, Kurt Busiek!  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


August 21st:  “As a random example of the necessity of getting details right, I recall reading a music review in the Boston Globe that praised…”

140 characters, Kurt…

August 21st:  “…Hank deVito and mentioned that he wrote “Queen of Hearts” for Juice Newton. My reaction was, “What? No, he didn’t!” and wound up not…”

…not 140 words or…

August 21st:  “…trusting that music reviewer to know what he was talking about thereafter. Because as a Dave Edmunds fan, I knew that…”

…or 140 sentences…

August 21st:  “…while deVito wrote “Queen of Hearts,” he didn’t write it for Newton.”

…or paragraphs.  I guess Hank wrote it for himself?

August 21st:  “That could have been the editor’s mistake, of course, but either way, it told me that anything the article said that I didn’t know…”

While I think of it, Kurt is famous for Astro City.  Very fun comic book.

August 21st:  “…before reading it was suspect. A lack of detail is preferable to incorrect details.”

On that, we can agree.  (Good thing you weren’t watching Game of Thrones Sunday.)

August 21st:  “Down to 36 unread messages. I think I can get further than that today, but first I’m going to brush my teeth.”

You could condense your tweets.  Might save you time.

August 21st:  “My brain keeps poking at me with a version of the Fantastic Four where Reed is the youngest member of the team.”

Alternate universe.

August 21st:  “He’s one of those kids who went to college at, like, 13, and Big Ben Grimm wound up his campus protector and friend.”

You’d have to make Sue some older cougar that takes an interest.  You know what I mean.

August 21st:  “For some reason, the Storms are insisting on being half-Asian in this version, and Ben is black.”

Better rush that pitch to Marvel, before forced diversity completely destroys the publishing arm.

August 21st:  “Reed may very well be Hispanic, but I’m not sure.”

Why not just make a completely new comic?

August 21st:  “Hmm. The Fantastic Furs.”

The furries would like that.

18 hours ago:  “Just had a delightful dinner with and family, who were up in these parts for eclipsery reasons.”

That’s nice.

15 hours ago:  https://twitter.com/KurtBusiek/status/899890642876104704

Now what if that clown was Eskimo?  Just think about it.

5 hours ago:  “It’s puzzling when you get tweets that want you to support the GOP because the Democrats were against black citizens voting in the 1860s.”

It’s puzzling to me that anyone would support the GOP or the Democrats at this point.

3 hours ago:  “Just read CALEXIT #1 and it was really good. Like a cross between AMERICAN FLAGG and an early Vertigo title like SHADE THE CHANGING MAN.”

Hmm.  Huge fan of American Flagg.  Will have to check it out.

3 hours ago: “Vivid, memorable characters, compelling set-up and story. I’m eager to see what comes next.”


3 hours ago:  “Art was clear and effective, aside from a Craftsman house looking nothing like a Craftsman at one point. Good lettering, too.”

Are Craftsman’s houses that specific?

1 hour ago:  “I remember when it took me a day to get back into the swing of things after a con. Now, two days after, I’m still in a mental bog…”

Well, I got stuff to do, so I can’t wait around for the end of this tweet, Kurt.

Let’s rate Kurt’s tweets.  I give him a 6 for Style, a 9 for Mustness and a 10 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  Follow Kurt.

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