Loved the first movie, this one was merely an okay follow up.  Peter Quill and the Guardians are back.  This time, they go after Quill’s dad, a set up at the end of the previous movie.  Yondu (the blue skinned alien with the magic arrow) gets a ton of screen time.  Drax the Destroyer gets all the funny moments.  Gamora is kinda marginalized.  Her entire backstory just sort of plateaus in the movie with her sister, Nebula.  Rocket gets a few moments.

The plot, however, was missing the complexity of the first movie.  Kurt Russel, as Quill’s Dad, Ego, has a plan that seems surprisingly simple for a being that’s so old.  Everything feels a bit predictable.  There are lots of lighter moments, especially with Baby Groot, but no real tension like the first movie.  It’s entertaining, but not as a compelling as the first one.

I give G of the G 2 seven out of 10 keggers.  It’s worth seeing.  Worth a matinee.