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Restaurant:  Ginza Japanese and Asian Restaurant

Address:  Runnemede, NJ

Food:  Asian

Price:  Very Reasonable

Portions:  Unlimited

Taste:  Awesome

Service:  Needs Work

Atmosphere:  Pretty Basic

So, I was dying for sushi and had a rough week.  The Missus graciously agreed to take me.  A quick scan of the Internet revealed Ginza.  Had never heard of it and figured, why not?  Really needed to hit and all-you-can-eat place, because I was going to house some raw fish.

Ginza is in a strip mall and the whole set up is very minimal.  It’s half take out, half restaurant, but the restaurant half is away from the take out area, separated by a tank of koi and a small ramp.  Our waitress was nice and earnest, but it was her first day, so you can imagine she was a little overwhelmed despite the fact there was only one other table of people when we got there.

The all-you-can-eat menu includes a ton of specialty rolls including dragon roll, rainbow roll, lots of spicy rolls including peppered tuna roll and spider roll.  Appetizers like kelp salad, ginger salad, spring rolls and plenty of other things.  Plus the regular sushi.  All for $21.95 per person.  The only thing off the list that I was looking for was eel sushi, but that was in the dragon roll and the eel cucumber roll.  Unagi, which the Missus loves, was also out, as well as White Tuna sushi.

Still there is a LOT on the list.  I mean, two specialty rolls would equal the price and we each had four.  Plus I had a kelp salad, two ginger salads, a yellow tail roll, two pieces of tuna nigiri and four salmon.  The Missus had green tea ice cream for the dessert, which was also on the list.  Holy crap, I thought I was robbing this place.

Drinks were extra and no refills on the iced tea, which was a bummer.  But quite frankly, with those prices on the sushi, sign me up.  And they make a TON of other food.  Chinese food and various Hibachi dishes.  Our waitress was new, needs more training to be sure, but she was nice.  Took awhile for the first dish because I think there was only one chef on duty.

You gotta go.  This place is the tits, bros!  I give Ginza 9 out 10 keggers.