The Witch is messed up, like a good horror movie should be. The basic premise: the story takes place in early colonial America, before the Revolutionary War. The father of a family is kicked out of the settlement because of his extreme Puritan religious beliefs. He takes to the wilderness where he finds a plot of land and builds his own farm.

Unfortunately, the family’s farm isn’t far from a witch’s house. Before you know it, people start disappearing and weird things start happening. The movie is particularly unnerving because the family is very isolated. The father has over extended himself with the move and the family may potentially starve in the winter. Thomasen, the eldest daughter, struggles to keep the younger kids in line.

The movie and especially the ending, is based off of classic folklore regarding witches and I can’t say more than that without giving it away. I don’t get to see many horror movies because the Missus can’t take them, but I went the extra mile to see this one and I wasn’t disappointed. If you like horror, don’t miss The Witch, now on On-Demand.

Big thumbs up, bros!