An animated cartoon that runs 62 minutes, It’s Such a Beautiful Day was made by Don Hertzfeldt in 2012.  For a guy that does stick figures and simple cartoons that are really hilarious, It’s Such a Beautiful Day is relentless dark and troubling.  For a few brief shining moments, there is some insanity, but ultimately the entire movie keeps descending, as if we’re watching Hertzfeldt’s descent into madness or something.

I went into this expecting to love it and laugh, but it actually kind of depressed.  It wasn’t that it was bad, it just was really, really dark and it felt purposely unwelcoming.  It’s got narration throughout the entire hour, it’s not entirely animated and has a mixture of film and video.  It felt more like a senior art thesis than it did a movie.  I felt both challenged and let down by the movie at the same time.  If someone runs into Hertzfeldt, please give him a hug.

I give It’s Such a Beautiful Day 3 out of 10 keggers.