Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus!  Where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is JG Quintel, creator of one of the greatest cartoons on TV right now, Regular Show.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.  Whooooooa!


July 21st:  “We’ve made 100 half hours of Regular Show!!!

Syndication!  Whoooooa!

August 6th:  “A new episode of Regular Show airs tonight at 7:30! The Parkie Awards by Maddy and Alex!”

Nice.  I gotta get caught up.  Totally behind this season.

August 13th:  “Regular Show The Movie will be screening in LA for a week! Check it out if you can!

It’s awesome that Mordecai is your regular voice. Regular voice, Regular Show.

August 14th:  “Regular Show The Movie opens tonight in LA!

One of the few reasons to live in L.A.

August 19th:  “Duuuudes. Last two days to see Regular Show The Movie in LA!

Dude!  Tom Selleck has all your water!

August 20th:  “A new Episode of Regular Show airs tonight at 7:30! Local News Legends by Maddie and Alex!”

Lots of promotion, but hey, he’s a busy creator.

August 21st:  “Get ready for September 1st

Okay, I can’t complain about the plugs.

August 25th:  “A Half Hour Special of Regular Show airs on Thurrrrrsday. Hmm hmm hmm.”

I’m reading all the tweets in Mordecai’s voice which is JG’s, which makes sense.

August 27th:  “A new Regular Show airs tonight at 7:30! The Dome Experiment half hour special!”

Skips is one of my favorite characters.  Is he a yeti?  Sorta looks like a yeti.

August 28th:  “Here’s a review of the Movieeee!

Can’t read it.  Haven’t seen the movie yet!

August 30th:  “Regular Show promo card from 5 years ago. ”

Has it been that long?  Well, 100 episodes, guess so.

12 hours ago:  “OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! Regular Show The Movie is out today!

Okay, gotta go see this.

All right, let’s rate JG’s tweets.  I give him a 6 for Style, a 7 for Insanity and a 9 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 7.3.  Follow JG and watch Regular Show.

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