Bill Murray plays Vincent, a grumpy old man and War Vet that’s rotting away in a Brooklyn suburb. Melissa McCarthy plays the mother of Oliver, Jaeden Lieberher, the both of who just moved next door to him. Vincent is flat broke and owes every one money and ends up babysitting Oliver for some quick cash.

What follows is a nice story about a drunken, gambling old guy that teaches the young kid and in turn learns something about himself. Oh and Naomi Watts as a Russian stripper, Chris O’Dowd as the priest and Terrance Howard as a loan shark named Zucko. It’s not a bad movie and Murray’s performance (and the rest of the cast) is excellent. It’s funny, touching and pretty standard. Not a bad way to kill 90 minutes. A perfect rental on Comcast On-Demand for $4.99.