In college it’s likely you have a lot more coming your way than you did in high school. Even by a sheer numbers perspective, your odds have exorbitantly increased to get lucky. But you have to remember that those responsible for boosting your percentage in the sack are from all walks of life. They’ve likely called a variety of different areas home and it’s likely that they’ve had a variety of different dicks feel at home inside of them.

You know how you avoid “leaves of three” for fear of poison ivy? Well, your common sense indicator might not be as strong when you’re faced with a flirty C-cup with a loose reputation. Both of them seem pretty innocent to touch without protection—that is until you get a rash and are uncontrollably itchy.

Don’t be naive, dude. No matter how insistent your partner may be or how much you crave that free-ballin’ feel, you always need to use protection when with a partner. It’s not just to prevent unplanned pregnancy, but STDs, too. As explains in their Safer Sex Guide “Condoms can significantly decrease the threat of acquiring or transmitting several STDs, including HIV.” And if you’re in the mood to make things great for your partner, an oral dam might not seem sexy, but it offers the needed protection between your mouth and her lady parts. They even offer a college-budget-friendly substitution, saying that it’s safe to use cellophane wrap (plastic wrap) if you don’t just happen to have a oral dam handy.

Out of the 20 million new cases of STDs that are diagnosed each year, reports that over half are contracted by young people—or those aged 15–24 years. Not only that, but they say that 26% percent of all new HIV infections is among youth ages 13 to 24 years, and about 4 in 5 of these infections occur in males.

Don’t make yourself a part of those statistics.

Do you really want to end up like Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Sitting on a patient’s table designed like a firetruck in a pediatrician’s office because the anxiety of sleeping with a bunch of strangers has you panicked that your dick’s going to fall off at any moment from an STD that’s yet to reveal itself…

You can avoid the worry and stay healthy by just wearing a fucking condom.

If you need some help remembering the importance of protection, there’s plenty of beautifully crafted sayings on Favorites include, “You can’t go wrong, if you shield your dong,” “Cloak the joker before you poke her,” and “Contain that shanker before you spank her.”

If that doesn’t work, maybe try a Google image search for a variety of STDs. Hopefully that will remind you that no one finds oozing sores attractive. And if all else fails, just babysit someone’s kid for an afternoon—that’s usually enough to remind any college guy to wrap it up no matter how hot things get.