SF Tony Avatar

1.  Booth Space under $1500.

2.  Hotel Rooms under $100.

3.  Fans with extra money to spend.

4.  TV show producers that say, “Well, my show’s not really tied into comics, so I’m just here to enjoy myself, not to endlessly promote my crappy TV show.”

5.  Hot cosplayers that aren’t dressed up just to create a photo shoot and advance their modeling career.

6.  News reporters that don’t embarrass themselves with how little they know about what’s going on.

7.  Celebrities that actually want to attend because they like their fans, not because they’re getting paid for autographs or their agent told them to go.

8.  A relaxing area to sit and read your comics.

9.  Food that isn’t overpriced.

10.  More than 50% of the show being actually about comic books.