Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is the indestructible, Johnny Knoxville.  Let’s see if he can tweet without hurting himself.


July 9th:  “Police are on the lookout for a late 30’s white male that answers to the name of Dave England.

Or Mickey Rooney, from that Family Guy episode.

July 10th:  “TBT- fond memories of my misspent youth.

I don’t want to go anyplace where hanging that sign is a matter of public safety.

July 11th:  “Well this made my day.

Why did the marketing department think this was a good idea?

July 12th:  “Tommy Ramone R.I.P.  I’ll always remember him for this.July 12th:  “Sheesh, I didn’t know “polishing the helmet” was even a penalty. Must have been some game. “

There’s sportsman-like conduct and then there’s crossing a line.

July 13th:  “”Momma, Momma I finally got my cover!!”

“The photographer told me the word was French for pretty!”

July 15th:  “Damn thrilled to be playing Johnny Cash on Drunk History tonight on Comedy Central at 10pm. Wahoo!!

Funny cameo, bro.

July 16th:  “This reminds me of the Jungle Book when the boy Mowgli is standing at the end of a line of elephants trying to fit in
“Enter the contest, they said.  You probably have a shot, they said.”

July 18th:  “There’s drunk, and then there’s using a slice of pizza as a pillow drunk. Bravo

Would pepperoni make it more or less comfortable?

July 19th:  “wow, no comment really needed on this gem of a baseball card.

“Shortly thereafter, Armstrong murdered his teammates and fled to Mexico.”

July 20th:  “RIP James Garner. What a legend. 

I loved the Rockford Files.  Dude, you could totally start in the reboot.  Getting beat up is your thing!

July 20th:  “This was the last time little Timmy got to work the fire hose.

Looks like that guy fell off the edge of an aircraft carrier.

July 21st:  “Well fuck, we found Waldo.

I knew putting John Walsh back on TV was a good idea!

8 hours ago:  “This is why u you shouldn’t wear jock straps on your chest.

And the 5th Element is apparently, too much boob.

5 hours ago:  “Well this pretty much made my day.

“I’m Johnny Knoxville and this is cycling in the cactus patch!”

Okay, let’s rate Johnny’s Twitter.  Pretty entertaining.  A little behind-the-scenes, lots of pic and stead updates.  I give Johnny a 9 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 10 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 9.3.  You gotta follow this Jackass!

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