Based on true life events, Pain & Gain stars Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie as three muscleheads that decide to rob a rich guy.  Although the movie is directed by Michael Bay, it hardly feels like a Bay flick (very few explosions).  Some of the events and people were changed for the story, but by Hollywood standards, the changes were mostly so the action could be streamlined.

Tony Shaloub plays the obnoxious rich guy who the guys kidnap and torture.  Ed Harris plays a private investigator that blows up the guys’ scheme.  Most of the humor comes from Wahlberg’s portrayal of Danny Lugo, a gym guy who is all ambition and greed, but of little education.  The Rock’s Boyle character, a struggling Christian, is pretty funny.  And Anthony Mackie’s sidekick and love interest for Rebel Wilson, is pretty solid.

Bay could’ve treated this as a typical dark comedy, but instead, halfway through the movie it shifts in an interesting way.  Although the constant flashing on the screen of “this is a true story” is disingenuous, the amount of stuff in the movie that’s true, is pretty outrageous.  As a bonus, there are some hot, hot, hot chicks in this film and several scenes with strippers.

If you haven’t seen Pain & Gain, you should.  It’s currently being offered free to Amazon Prime customers and Amazon is offering a free 30 day trial.

I give Pain & Gain a big thumbs up.