Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die!  Today’s contestant is Uncle Blazer himself, Blake Anderson from Workaholics.  He’s funny on the show and he’s funny online.  Let’s see what he’s tweeting.


February 14th:  “Thong Song on repeat happy valentines day shaking my damn head”


February 17th:  “Angel Dust & Pizza Crust”

Makes for a damn fine party until your arrest.

February 17th:  “Dear , I love you guys so much, can we make a Workaholics pinball machine???”

That would be sweet.  You could spell out “Blake”, “Ders” and “Adam” for the triple ball special.

February 19th:  “Tonights Workaholics might be the weirdest episode in the history of our show. Its my tied for first place favorite episode of the season.”

Aw, crap!  That’s the one I missed!  To On Demand!

February 19th:  “Dont Forget….

Totally forgot.  There were just not enough dicks in that reminder.

February 19th:  “Chicken Bone Nowison!!!

Dammit, haven’t seen it yet!  La-la-la!  La-la-la!  Not listening!

February 19th:  “Its very very difficult to act like you have a small penis I’m on some real Daniel Day Lewis shit this season

Hardest part?  Trying to find a subject to study.  I keep a very low profile.

February 19th:  “Karl with a riveting performance tonight, a real tour de farts.

You mean Karl hasn’t been nominated?!  Very loose butthole.

February 19th:  “This is our showrunner directorial debut. Very powerful. Something to be proud of and never show your family.

Next time on a very special episode of Workaholics…

February 19th:  “Thank you for watching

Gotta get caught up before Wed.

February 21st:  “ to when I had free beer :(

It’s good to be a celebrity.  Well, it’s Bud Light, so I guess it’s not THAT good.

Okay, let’s rate Uncle Blazer’s tweets.  He’s thrown in some hardcore plugs.  I assume the rest of the week he’s very, very high.  I give him a 7 for Mustness, an 8 for Style and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8, which I’m bumping to 9 because his show is awesome.  Follow Blaze.

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