Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Emma Watson.  She’s an actress.  She’s smart and she’s hot.  Let’s see how smart her tweets are.


January 22nd:  “Being an editor… Not totally easy eh?

It sucks.  That’s why I have so many typos because I refuse to do that jub.

January 27th:  “Computer just crashed. Pain au chocolat anyone?

Painful chocolate?  No thank you.

January 27th:  “Wonderland. Out February 7th. Afro Prada Bruiser or Elf Alien Queen. Your pick.

Definitely hair down.  Always cuter.

February 4th:  “Wonder wonder wonderland

I like the strategy of all the pics, but shouldn’t the magazine be called “Pics of Emma”?

February 5th:  “Donating my old laptop to computers4africa. Such a great idea.They’ll collect + wipe your hard drive and send it to a school that needs it.”

Well, that’s one way to get rid of a computer that crashes.

February 5th:  “‘A poem is never finished. Only abandoned’ Patti Smith at Cadogan Hall.”

That is an insult to all poets.  I think they know when it’s done.

February 5th:  “Check out my interview in : Thank you !

I think as long as you keep putting in the pics and slowly lose more clothes, this magazine could work.

1 hour ago:  “Thank you for my best actress award tonight and for all the support. Such a lovely evening. Xx”

You’re playing Noah’s wife in the Noah movie?  Damn, Noah had a hot wife.  Who knew?

Okay, let’s rate Emma’s Twitter.  I give her a 6 for Insanity, a 7 for Mustness and, of course, a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 7.6.  Not bad.  Tune in to Hermione’s Twitter, if only to see her sweet pics.

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