Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Stephen Rannazzisi, AKA: Kevin from The League.  If you haven’t seen the League, you are really missing out.  Let’s see if Stephen is as funny on Twitter as he is on the show.


September 26th:  “Real life is rated R.”

And rated X if you’re really lucky.

September 26th:  “Nicely done for the send off.”

Nice to see players get off the bench and not beat the crap out of each other.

September 27th:  “ Hands down, one of the best at this twitter game

I will have to remember him for a future TIF.

September 27th:  “Also, if want to make a film & you need smart people to do everything.

Obviously, they’re not making the new Batman movie.

September 30th:  “Season 2 of Daddy Knows Best drops TODAY. Check the whole season out right now!

Ha!  Nice!

October 1st:  “GO TO THIS“: I’m off to Long Island for shows FRI, SAT Oct 4 & 5 at For tickets and info: ””

So many comedians, so little time…and money.

October 2nd:  “Good people of San Diego..I will be performing this weekend w/

Ha!  Forever unclean!  That bit always kills me.

October 2nd:  “Had a great time doing this morning. Thank you for having me on.

You are a busy comedian, Stephen.

October 3rd:  “.TONIGHT! Opening Night of is 8PM NOT 9PM ! 30 min a piece. Hosted by !”

You’re a comedy tour monster, my friend.

October 6th:  “Thanks to that Big,Beautiful,Bitch-San Diego & for a FUN wknd

Man, you can pretty much catch Stephen’s act any week, bros.

Okay, let’s rate Stephen’s tweets.  A little pluggy, but that webseries more than makes up for it.  League fans, take notice.  You will like.  I give Stephen a 7 for Mustness, an 8 for Style and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an even 8, but I’m bumping him to a 9 for the video.  Follow Stephen.

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