Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is comedian and comedy writer, Sean O’Connor.  Let’s see if his tweets are as funny as the shows that employ him.


September 1st:  “Today is the 9 year anniversary of the first time I did stand-up comedy. My first joke was an AIDS joke that I never told again.”


September 1st:  “Here it is: (1 of 2) In Rocky V, Rocky bareknuckle boxes Tommy Gunn who was played by Tommy Morrison who had HIV. You know what they say…”

Ooo, first two parter here on TIF.

September 1st:  “(2 of 2) When you bareknuckle box someone, you are bareknuckle boxing everyone that person has bareknuckle boxed. – 19 year old me”

Yeah, back on the shelf with that one.

September 1st:  “Why isn’t everyone in the world seeing The World’s End? It is annoying to me that not everyone is seeing it multiple times.”

It is fucking brilliant.

September 1st:  “Breaking Bad Viewing Party Food Idea: Winnebagels. Recipe: Bagels.”

And meth.  Can’t have bagels without meth.

September 1st:  “If you live in NY, I will be performing at Whiplash tomorrow night at 11 at UCB Theater. At At At At At.”

I’m glad the Empire is getting into more comedy.

September 1st:  “If 9/11 never happened, the worst thing that happened to this country would still be Limp Bizkit.”

Does that mean Taylor Swift wouldn’t have a career?  Hmmm.

September 2nd:  “Well thank you Skins Series 7, I am now grief stricken.”

Haven’t seen that one yet.  Just started watching Broadchurch.  Oh, BBC.  All your shows sound so polite.

September 2nd:  “Pee Daniels’ The Butt Lord”

Pacific Rim was too easy.

September 2nd:  “I’m back in NJ and it’s still the same. Everyone is a muscular meatball and Bruce Springsteen is still the voice of the working man.”

How dare you…not mention Bon Jovi in that joke.

September 2nd:  “The one great thing about life is you can never get too fat for sneakers.”

Or Hawaiian shirts.

10 hours ago:  “Being back in NY really made me realize I miss my NY friends like Al Roker and Mayor Bloomberg.”

Careful what you eat and drink around that guy.  Roker looks very hungry these days.

10 hours ago:  “I don’t feel like I’m telling tales out of school by saying that I am in the top 20,000 stand up comedians right now.”

Ahead of #20,001, Carlos Mencia?  You wish.

8 hours ago:  “As much as I hate the youth of today, the college girl who blew a .341 and live tweeted her arrest deserves her own show”

I also support college girls that blow.

6 hours ago:  “”Honkin’ on Bobo’s” – Steven Tyler’s phrase for feeling up babes.”

“Back in the Saddle” is his phrase for changing his adult diaper.

Okay, let’s rate Sean’s tweets.  Would like to see some more behind-the-scenes or any.  But he’s out there slinging jokes, so I have to give him cred.  And his contributions on Conan were no doubt solid.  I give him a 7 for Insanity, an 8 for Style and a 10 for Mustness.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  Solid.  Follow Sean.

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