Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is stand up comic, Bonnie McFarlane.  She’s funny, she’s easy on the eyes.  Let’s see if her tweets stack up.


June 13th:  “I hope Jennifer Anniston’s next movie role is a baby then Entertainment tonite can be all, “At 44 Jennifer still looks great in a diaper!””

I’m waiting for that desperate role in a movie where she tries to look younger than she is.  Like Demi Moore in that stripper movie.  Or maybe just a movie with strippers in it, with her as the feisty stripper organizer.  Or not, I mean, strippers.  I like strippers.

June 21st:  “ COOL.”

It’s a tweet of a tweet.  Soon the Internet will collapse into itself.

June 21st:  “I can read!”


June 21st:  “Alberta, hang in there! My heart goes out to you.”

Is Alberta on fire too?  They have a lot of wood.  It’s entirely possible.

June 23rd:  “The rev and me pre show.

Backstage before the funny.  What do you warm up with?  For me, it’s caffeine and Tastykakes.

June 25th:  “Waiting for Snowden to update his Facebook status.”

Probably the one place the NSA won’t look.  I mean, Facebook, c’mon.  It’s practically Myspace now.

June 26th:  “Canceling my annual slave-themed 4th of July party.”

Great.  Now what do I tell the gimps?

June 28th:  “If you’ve never said the Nword please go into a closet and say it so you can stop righteously declaring on TV that you’ve never said it.”

Or just watch this episode.

July 1st:  “You don’t want to hear this but it’s Canada Day!”

I will chug a bottle of Maple syrup in it’s honor.

Okay, let’s rate the tweets.  Not bad.  A little behind-the-scenes, a little plug here and some material.  I give Bonnie a 7 for Insanity, an 8 for Style and an 8 for Mustness.  Overall, it’s a 7.6.  Follow Bonnie, bros.

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