Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contest is the great, Robin Williams.  Hilarious man.  Let’s see if his tweets are just as funny.


May 15th:  “thecrazyonescbs’s photo . Having fun with SMG”

Awesome.  Which one of you slays a vampire first in the series?

May 16th:  “Enjoy “Behind the Scenes” video

So no werewolves either?  Well, at least there won’t be singing.

May 19th:  “When in Nashville, gotta see the sights.

The sights are blurry.  Your camera was probably drunk.

May 24th:  “Thanks for the hospitality, Nashville!

And right onto to ebay!

May 24th:  “The full trailer is out! Enjoy!

Good luck with the new show.  Okay.  If there’s singing, you can do it.  I mean, this was awesome.

May 24th:  “Here’s the link to the trailer.

Nice.  It’ll be product placement galore on that show.

May 24th:  “Great scene today with Roberto Aquire and Giles Matthey.

I’m just glad you’re not playing a serial killer.  That was weird.

May 26th:  “Having a wonderful time with my brother, Lauren!

Your brother looks like the world’s oldest hipster.  But you were probably into him before anyone.

May 29th:  “It’s a wrap for Bob Odenkirk. Working with him was a joy!

Oo, nice.  Sounds like a comedy classic.

June 1st:  “Leonard takes a stand.

It’s about damned time.  Sittin’ around, sleeping all day, when no one would stand up to cancer.

June 2nd:  “Congratulations to my nephew, Todd and his future wife, Tracey. Wonderful family!

Family photos too?  Wow.  This is indepth tweeting.

23 hours ago:  “I swear I’m not standing in a ditch. Great script by Douglas Soesbe. Love saying his words.…

Whatever you say, “Mr. Cruise”.

Okay, let’s rate Robin’s tweets.  I found them to be very genuine and nice.  I give him a 8 for Mustness, a 9 for Style and a 10 for Insanity.  (How can I not?  He’s Robin Williams!)  That’s an overall score of 9.  Shazbot, that’s good.  Follow Robin.

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