Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is former member of The State, current cast member of Children’s Hospital and all around funny actor, Ken Marino.  Let’s see if his tweets are just as funny.


April 26th:  “And here it is the FINAL TWO EPISODES of the 3! Twists, twists and dancing! Hope you enjoy. Over and out.”

Wow, this is awesome.  How did Comedy Central not greenlight this immediately?

April 27th:  “I love my wife for many many things but today I am loving her enormously for creating/writing . So very special.”

Very cool.  Nice job Mrs. Marino.

April 27th:  “I suppose I should have added name to my last tweet.”

That’s a funny pic on her twitter account.

April 30th:  “Wow that made my day.

Dammit, now I’ve completely lost my erection.

May 1st:  “Snakes on a plain bagel.

Um, Deep Blue Sea Salt Potato Chips?

May 5th:  “I like his taste.

It must be nice to have a good review.

May 5th:  “Had to return these really cool underwear today. They made me look fat.


May 12th:  “Two people I adore.

They are very funny.

4 hours ago:  “Oh shit! Japan?!?!

Ooo, it’s going to be like M*A*S*H*, only less preachy.

Okay, let’s rate Ken’s tweets.  Kinda of sparse, but he goes for quality, not quantity.  Good mix of the personal and the plugs.  And excellent link choice.  I give him a 6 for Mustness, an 8 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall rating of 8.  Follow Ken!

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