Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is hilarious Kerri Kenney of Reno 911 and the State fame.  She’s funny on TV, let’s see if she’s funny on the Twitter.


January 24th:  “Filming the New Normal today. So far…it’s totally true!! Not one out of the ordinary thing has happened on set!”

Awesome.  Psyched for the new movie.

January 25th:  “Always wear eye shadow. People will take you more seriously with eye shadow on. #mymomsadvice

That’s true, especially if you need to be taken seriously at a Goth club.

January 25th:  “Stand up straight. It will trick people into thinking you’re smart. #mymomsadvice

My mother always said to stay low, it’ll be harder to get shot.

January 25th:  “If you’ve spent less than an hour styling your hair in the morning, you are not finished. Go back and fire up the hot rollers. #mymomsadvice

I can’t fire up the hot rollers with gerilcurl, that’s going to cause a fire.

January 26th:  “Yesterday I made several twitter jokes about my mom. Today she’s in the hospital with kidney stones. Oops. #daughteroftheyear

Jesus Christ!  Watch out for cracks on the sidewalk,Kerri.

January 30th:  “I know my OCD’s are in full effect when I start rearranging OTHER people’s toilet paper rolls to face the “correct” way. #yourwelcome

Chelsea Lately’s green room must be spotless.

February 5th:  “Go buy @HeatherMcDonald‘s book, My Inappropriate Life, today! Then read it! Then laugh! Then you can do whatever you like. You’re dismissed.”

So many instructions in 140 characters.

February 9th:  “Going for a romantic dinner with my hubby tonight.aka putting on spanx to drink overpriced wine while discussing our son’s bathroom habits.”

That sounds…kinda gross.

February 10th:  “Lost a member of our Reno911 family this week. Helicopter pilot, David Gibbs. Our hearts go out to the other 2 victims and their families.”

Aw.  Sad.

February 10th:  “My gal pal @pink was the winner in MY book. So congratulations! From me and my book. We love you. Winner winner chicken dinner. So there.”

Look, Barnes & Noble is bound to close soon, so get this book out now.

February 11th:  “Chelsea Lately tonight! @MichaelYo! @MoMandel! @ChelseaHandler! Me! Why not?! http://twitpic.com/c2xaw4

Nice.  I’ll have to keep an out for you on that.  Either that or you should get on The Burn.  I think you’d be good on that.

Okay, let’s rate Kerri’s tweets.  Behind the Scenes stuff, genuine stuff, celebrity name drop and funny self-deprecating stuff, how could you go wrong?  I give her a 9 for Mustness, a 9 for Insanity and a 10 for Style.  That’s an overall score of 9.3.  One of the highest in a while.  Follow Kerri.

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