Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Daily Show correspondent and admitted Canadian, Samantha Bee.  She’s funny on the show, let’s see if her tweets stack up.


October 16th:  “When Obama is talking, Romney makes the same face my Catholic grandmother would make at a Wiccan wedding. #debate

That’s probably the same face he made pumping his own gas.

October 22nd:  “Romney: I will smother you under a cozy blanket of meaningless words! So many words! Olympics! ”

C. Montgomery Burns was a more appealing candidate.

October 22nd:  “Romney’s expression: fugue state #debates

I think he was just mad his money didn’t buy him what he wanted.  If he had just paid everyone directly to vote for him, it would’ve been a lot easier.

October 22nd:  “Please let the last moment of this debate be the sound of an audience member’s hearing aid squealing. #debates

Either that or one of the Koch brothers muttering, “God dammit, Mitt!  God dammit!”

October 27th:  “A great litmus test for how much you *actually* like eggs, is to stare into a chicken’s cloaca for a few minutes. ”

I think if you really want to test how much you like chickens, you should have to kill one and make it look like an accident.

October 28th:  “There is not a single rotisserie chicken left on the entire Upper West Side. http://blogs.babble.com/babble-voices/samantha-bee-allana-harkin-eating-over-the-sink/2012/10/28/an-idiots-guide-to-scary-hurricanes/ …

The hurricane was a scary time.  I nearly lost power to my Xbox.

November 2nd:  “Here’s an idea! Run 26 miles through NYC any day and on your own time. Right now, all those cops/emt’s/generators are needed elsewhere.”

Why not stop the subways and let them run in there?  Then we can watch it all via security cameras.

November 8th:  “I wrote this. http://blogs.babble.com/babble-voices/samantha-bee-allana-harkin-eating-over-the-sink/2012/11/08/suck-it-hurricane-sandy/ …

You poor Canadian.  You must’ve been so confused by water falling from the sky instead of ice.

December 6th:  “I think instead of eating this banana, I will fly into a hangry rage and burn my kitchen down. ”

You must’ve been without power longer than most New Yorkers.

December 12th:  “Men’s Gift Guides, I reject you. http://www.babble.com/babble-voices/samantha-bee-allana-harkin-eating-over-the-sink/2012/12/10/mens-gift-guides-the-voyage-of-the-damned/ …

You can never go wrong with porn-related gifts.

December 12th:  “Gift idea for @jonesinforjason: quietly destroy all of his gadgets/personal effects and then replace them, for loads of Christmas fun. ”

Well, I guess it beats back bacon and hockey tickets.

Okay, let’s rate Samantha’s Tweets.  I give her a 6 for Mustness, an 8 for Insanity and an 8 for Style.  That’s a 7.3.  Would’ve been higher if she tweeted more.  Still worth a follow, especially during times when the Daily Show does political stuff.

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