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Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is the always funny, Michael McKean. Spinal Tap, Best in Show, Waiting for Guffman— His funniness is everywhere, but is it on Twitter? Let’s find out.


September 21st:  “When I was 6, I used to imagine seeing a spaceship passing overhead. It wasn’t piggybacking on an airliner. #coolanyway

It’s kind of like seeing a flying car being towed by a helicopter.

September 21st:  “”Jesus’ Wife” not credible as it’s from 400 yrs. after other gospels, unlike Revelation, which is from 400 yrs. after other gospels.”

Jesus’s wife?  Who pays for THAT wedding?

September 21st;  “Never seen Paths of Glory? TCM in 2 minutes #shortnotice

A classic!

September 22nd:  “Endeavor to LA trees: “How do you like me now, bitches?””

The trees in LA?  You still guys have trees that didn’t burn down yet?

September 22nd;  “Off to NY for A Thurber Carnival benefit at the Pearl (10/1), then a week in The Exonerated. AND hang with the Missus! #luckybastid


September 22nd:  “Beautiful night. I’m hearing “Autumn in New York” in my head. Unfortunately, it’s the Jonathan and Darlene Edwards version. #veryhappy

Well that’s better than John and Elizabeth Edwards singing I get.

September 23rd:  “No legs? A pen? Open fire, boys! http://bit.ly/NKHKqn

An unbelievable story.  Cops will shoot at anything.

September 23rd:  “It’s wrong to criticize Mitt Romney until you’ve walked a mile in his living room.”

How dare you!  He has people to do the walking for him.

September 23rd:  “”I didn’t mind her buying the pistol, but it makes me nervous when she holds it on her lap at breakfast.””

Ah, had to google that.

September 23rd:  “”So I gave him a haughty look and I said, ‘Whom do you think you are, anyways?'””

You know, at the Twitter rate, it’ll take you several days to tweet this play.

September 23rd:  “”No, no, not on her apron. She had it tattooed on her body – ‘To hell with housework.'””

Would you have tweeted scripts from Laverne & Shirley back in the day?

September 23rd:  “”She’s always living in the past. Now she wants to be divorced in the Virgin Islands.””

Bah-dum-dum!  Keesh!

September 23rd:  “A little spurt of Thurber for a New York Sunday. More at the Pearl Theater benefit, Monday evening, Oct. 1.”

You’re giving the whole play away!  It’s like tweeting the parentage of Luke Skywalker.

September 23rd:  “Particulars… http://bit.ly/SneF6g

You’ll always be Lenny to me.

September 23rd:  “The Moon is a Harsh Mattress #LowbrowSciFi

You’re on a twitter roll.

September 23rd:  “Anna Gunn Shoulda Wunn.”

Breaking Bad should’ve won everything.

September 24th:  “Warm congratulations to Homeland; great work, all y’all.”

In other words, when does David St. Hubbins get a cameo.

September 24th:  “Portland: @bodypartsband coming to town. #fairwarning

No idea.  So much googling for these tweets.

13 hours ago:  “RIP, my dear friend Mara Grayson. You would have liked her.”

Aw.  Sad.  Condolences.

11 hours ago:  “I agree with Carlos Santana: dark house, cold pots=pure evil.”

When will people learn?  Carlos Santana is always right.

Okay, time to rate the tweets.  I give Michael an 8 for Style, an 8 for Mustness and a 10 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.7.  An excellent rating.  Very random tweets, but you gotta love the man behind this.

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