News you can use and read in less than a minute.  Welcome to Rewritten Headlines.  The news in briefer brief than anyone’s briefed before.

Real: Supreme Court to Review Use of Drug-Sniffing Dog at Door of a House

Rewritten: Supreme Court Poised to Allow Police Dogs to Shit on Your Carpet at Any Time

Real: Expert: Secret X-37B Plane Isn’t Spying on China

Rewritten: Secret Plane Badly Spying on China

Real: “Fast Five” Tops Most Pirated Movies of 2011 on BitTorrent

Rewritten: Internet Users Enjoy Stealing Shitty Movie

Real: Ron Paul, Supporters Arrive in NH

Rewritten: Media Prepares to Ignore Candidate and Several Thousand Supporters

Real: Van Halen Unveils New Tour with Roth Aboard

Rewritten: David Lee Roth No Longer Unemployed

Real: Good News for Women Who Like a Glass of Red

Rewritten: Red Wine Extends Lives of Women Drinking Alone