Yo, bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s tweeter is Samuel L. Jackson.  And if you don’t know who that is, well you obviously haven’t seen Loaded Weapon I with Emilio Estevez.  Now let’s look at some motherfuckin’ tweets!


October 28th:  “Got a Fukkin’ cold! Gotta tuff out these wknd shows! Can’t short the people!”

You are one step away from typing in caps.  I can sense it.

October 28th:  “BTW, thanks for all the Guinness props! Couldna done it w/o you UNCUT DOPE MUHFUGGAS!!”

I don’t think you should be drinking beer when you have a cold, but then again…

October 29th:  “First snow of the year in NY! WTF!!! Waaaaay too soon for THIS SHIT!”

I still got my snow shovel by the door and it was almost 70 degrees today.

October 29th:  “http://yfrog.com/nydt1nj?”

God damn, don’t remind me.

October 31st:  “Everybody have a GREAT HALLOWEEN! Puhleeze, BE CAREFUL!! Wanna hear from U T or T MUHFUGGAS 2morra!”

The bar for your Halloween costume must be very high.

November 3rd:  “Carol, my make-up person & her sister got sick after eating @ Print the other nite! Those muhfukkas said, so what?!”

Maybe they should’ve just bought toner instead of sandwiches.

November 8th:  “Ahhh man! Heavy D?! Dwight wz a dear friend. Fond memories of a truly cool brutha.”

Sad.  You know everybody.

November 8th:  “Met Joe Frazier many times, always a smile & kind words. A man’s MAN!”

Also sad.

November 15th:  “How many movies can U name? http://yfrog.com/nxthaxwj

Hmmm.  Nine.

November 16th:  “How does Chelsea Handler confuse Morgan Freeman’s hand on her thigh for my muhfukkin hand?!”

My question is, when did Morgan Freeman do Chelsea Handler?

November 18th:  “Just leaving Heavy D’s Celebration of Life! Awesome!!! That Muhfukka was LOVED!”

I hope people leave my funeral with that attitude.

November 19th:  “Only in America & a Blast from da past! Muhfukkin DK & Marion B @ The Mountaintop! http://pic.twitter.com/LrlZ8iH0

Quick!  Inventory your dressing room!

November 22nd:  “Saw @traciethoms killin’ it in Stickfly last night! Some actin’ muhfukkas up in there!”

It’s getting some good reviews.

November 24th:  “From one thankful muhfukkah to the resta yall, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!”

I was thankful the traffic wasn’t that bad in NYC.

November 25th:  “Those Jackson Muhfukkas Curtis & Sam @ The Mountaintop! http://pic.twitter.com/6mshZanS

Is there anybody you don’t know?

November 26th:  “One of THE Funniest muhfukkas on the planet Paul Mooney @ The Mountaintop! http://pic.twitter.com/Ie7sv7AB

After seeing this, I have to agree.

Okay, let’s rate this Jedi’s tweets.  Well, he’s posting relatively recently, considering the schedule he must have.  I mean, he’s still in a ton of stuff.  I give him a 7 for Mustness, a 8 for Style and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 8.  C’mon, it’s Samuel L. “mutha fukkin” Jackson people.

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