Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die. Today’s Twitter contestant is Ricky Gervais, the man that made me watch the Golden Globes. Let’s see if his Twitter offends just as many celebrities.


October 9th:  “You must never concern yourself with critics. That’s what they wish for- to make you as unhappy as they are. The best revenge is living well”


October 9th:  “I’m sure you’ve seen this photo before but it is one of my favourite TV moments if all time Enjoy http://yfrog.com/nzkfgozj

A classic.  Like this.

October 9th:  “Yes, me simpsonized, me as Che But no one realised it was me as Hitler (and Churchill) No winner. It’s a rollover! http://yfrog.com/g0h7xezj

Ah, yes.  Another classic.

October 9th:  “Ha ha. She’s still trying. Go on then I’ll bite and get your blog some traffic. Please let this critic know what you think”  and then “Sorry, forgot to link to it http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2011/oct/09/ricky-gervais-twitter-advice?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter She’s desperate for your feedback”

Oy.  I can see why you hate critics.

October 9th:  “Goodnight tweetmonglers And thanks http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2011/oct/09/ricky-gervais-twitter-advice?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter Keep up the good work This face is for you guys…. http://yfrog.com/o043860895j

Breathe, Ricky!  Breathe!

October 10th:  “Week 2 on twitter. Still learning. Apparently I’m meant to be funny all the time. Like all the lawyers on here that give free legal advice.”

Ah, no wonder you’re tweeting every hour.  It only gets worse from here.

October 10th:  “Here’s some free illegally downloaded shit off the Internet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOdyOGcEiME&feature=related & because comedy is objective this clip is funny to all”

Ha!  Awesome.

October 10th:  “Anyone who doesn’t find this tweet fascinating gets a death stare from my cat, Ollie. http://yfrog.com/hwqkfwzj


October 10th:  “Why do radio DJ’s try to maintain a bit of mystery when they say “after the travel, a classic from Natalie Imbruglia” That’ll be Torn then.”

Take that hosts of a dying medium!

October 10th:  “Serves me right for listening to Magic. Up next a classic from Men at Work. Hmmmm? Tough one”

October 10th: “Ooh Don Henley’s up next.. After a classic face by Ricky Gervais ……yep Thought so http://yfrog.com/h85rckesj”

I’m going to tape that picture to my scarecrow for Halloween.

October 10th: “Ha ha about 30 of you suggested a classic by chesney hawkes. Poor guy. I hope he releases a brand new single just to prove you all wrong.”

I have no idea who that is.

October 10th: “Karl’s had a little shave. Very eggish Editing the Japan trip at the moment. Wait till you see his new invention. http://yfrog.com/h6x4bucj”

He looks like the missing scene from 50/50.

October 10th: “Karl just had a little rant about x factor. “why is everyone always crying? Never ‘appened on opportunity knocks.” Ha ha”

I cry just thinking about having to watch either of those shows.

October 10th: “What are the odds on me winning this caption competition in The Daily Mail? Wish me luck http://yfrog.com/nyc1jnj”

Isn’t that too “randy” for sensitive English eyes?

October 10th: “My special view Ollie falls asleep on me during one of the most beautiful films ever made. Titanic 1953 Can’t move. http://yfrog.com/kgim5vmj”


October 10th: “Goodnight space monglets New blog entry at http://www.rickygervais.com/thissideofthetruth.php The complete Karl rant, TRGS DVD release date + 2 new exclusive LTS clips”

Wow, Karl really looks like his cartoon character.

October 10th: “Ok I’ll stop just retweeting losers And don’t worry, you outnumber them by a 1000 to 1 Just couldn’t resist. Ha ha Night twarmy”

Damn. I just missed the cut off!

16 hours ago: “Morning tweeps I made this just for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2TtqePh3xw Please RT if you like it”

Nice. What, no Karl? Give him a walk on at least.

14 hours ago: “2 new free podcasts Go to The Ricky Gervais Show on iTunes Tweet That! http://yfrog.com/kh18njej


12 hours ago: “Smart kid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BEIWjjUCPM&feature=player_embedded

Yeah, he’s no Fred.

9 hours ago: “FAQ No. Teaching a child about how the universe really works as apposed to religious dogma is not brainwashing. Brainwashed by truth maybe”

Or you can just put on a tape of the Lion King. Anything to get them to shut up.

9 hours ago: “Off to record some Family Guy Have a little read of this http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/12/19/a-holiday-message-from-ricky-gervais-why-im-an-atheist/ There will be an exam later Tweet That!”

Nice. Are you doing the voice off the greased up deaf guy?

8 hours ago: “did a little follow up Q and A too http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2010/12/22/does-god-exist-ricky-gervais-takes-your-questions/ Tweet That!”

But Santa still gets my letters, right?

7 hours ago: “People! People! Let’s have two different religions. Those who retweet quotes at the end and those who do it at the beginning. Then war.”

Sorry, I don’t believe in Twitter.

Okay, let’s rate Ricky’s tweets. I had to cut out a lot of replies. He’s relentless. That’s a 10 for Mustness, 9 for Style and I have to give him a 9 for Insanity (because hey, he’s tempting lightning bolts!). That’s an overall score of 9.3. An excellent score, worthy of following, especially during the next globes.