Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is comedian Jen Kirkman from the Chelsea Lately show.  She also used to voices on Adult Swim’s Home Movies.  Plus she has ties to Dan Harmon and UCB.  That’s a pretty awesome comedy resume and it doesn’t hurt that she’s easy on the eyes.  Let’s see if her Twitter posts are just as interesting.


September 26th:  “Um, I’m sad. I just had to dump a dear friend because they don’t pronounce “syrup” correctly. (It is not “Sir-Up.” It just isn’t.)”

Irregardless, I think you should reconsider.

23 hours ago:  “Hey, a movie hasn’t come out this week about friends who have sex. Is everyone in Hollywood still alive?? Is everything okay??”

You mean Contagion isn’t a wacky romantic comedy where Matt Damon reignites his marriage?  Uh, oh, I shouldn’t bought those kids movie tickets.

21 hours ago:  “Waiting and waiting on set of season 2 of “After Lately”. @joshwolfcomedy steals the massage chair. http://yfrog.com/hsdmjcwj

That bastard.

10 hours ago:  “I just learned that Obama visited the company LinkedIn yesterday. I hope he gave them a Presidential order to stop being such a huge bummer.”

That and to force people with access to jobs to actually join that site.

9 hours:  “Good morning! Enjoy this ad mix of ladies being shamed for making bad coffee ((c)1950’s) “This coffee is criminal!” http://jezebel.com/5837009/men-sure-were-asshats-to-their-wives-in-50s-era-foldgers-coffee-commercials

In their defense, shitty coffee is a way worse offense than mispronouncing syrup.

9 hours:  “It’s not that cool but it feels really good to get in the car, put the windows down, blast Neil Diamond’s “Longfellow Serenade” & drive!”

We do the same thing in NJ.  Only by law, the music has to be the Boss or Bon Jovi.

5 hours ago:  “How’s your kid doing NOW? I haven’t seen a picture in ten minutes.”

Oh, Internet.  Why do you allow annoying parents on you?

3 hours ago:  “”I’m having trouble deciding on a new fall look. Not sure if I want to have a beach body, a revenge body or a post-baby body.

Does anyone have an issue of Cosmo I can borrow so I can translate this?

2 hours ago:  “Maybe some day there will be a magazine piece on an actress that doesn’t start with how she showed up without make-up & ordered a big meal.”

Soon, with the Internet, you’ll actually have to watch that meal during the interview.

2 hours ago:  “Ahem, @sarahcolonna ! Let’s just do this already. RT “@TScpVirgo Capricorn and Virgo work well together & seldom argue. http://www.zodiac-astrology-horoscopes.com/romance/virgo-capricorn-love-compatibility.php

Sorry, I’m one of the two signs that believe that’s all bullshit.

Okay, let’s rate Jen’s tweet.  It’s a nice mix of jokes, little behind the scenes and tons of replies, which I had to cut for space.  So for Style, I give her a 7, for Insanity, also a 7, but for Mustness I give her a 10.  That’s an overall score of 8.  Totally worth a click.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.