Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Todd Glass of the Tosh.O.  Todd’s been doing stand up forever and it’s nice to see him on a popular show.  Let’s see if his tweets are just as funny as him.

July 1st:  “If I can get my twitter acc up to 5 million I will sell ads and give the $ to a charity that helps kids help make this happen people”

Help Todd, bros.  Those generic kids need your generic money.

July 1st:  “I’m up 100 people this might work”

A journey of a thousand tweets begins with one snarky comment.

July 1st:  ““@EVANisCROUCHing: @ToddGlass maybe u shouldnt pour wax on people that go to your show pshhh ha #briland” when did I do that”

What kind of clubs are you playing, Todd?

July 1st:  ““@alyssaann611: @ToddGlass you should really look into using punctuation in your twats…..”just read them & shut the up fuck up ?,.!-;(“”””

It’s going to be a long road to five million at this rate.

July 2nd:  “I was @ a restaurant a & heard a guy do the old ( I’m on a seafood diet joke 2 the waiter. I felt bad the waiter had to fake laugh”

That 15% sometimes costs ya.

July 2nd:  ““@anonynamed: @ToddGlass Oh yeah?! Helping kids? I’m so fucking unfollowing you for that shit.”. really ?”

Seriously?  You realize the man is a professional comic, right?  I think that guy’s too stupid to follow you Todd.

June 30th:  “Want to see ground breaking comedy? Watch this twice: @TVsJonDore and @RoryScovel on @conanobrien last night http://t.co/JgyjD15

Don’t know how this got dated June 30th.  Some kind of Twitter malfunction.  But this link is totally worth watching.  Funny as Hell and quite amazing.  It’s how Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation watches stand up.

July 6th:  “Toronto @ComedyBar & @LaughingSkull in Atlanta in July. To GET READY FOR MY HOUR SPECIAL AT THE EL REY IN LA AUG 6. http://t.co/LkoBZPL

Aw, too far afield for me.  C’mon, Canadian bros, show Todd some love.  Go see his show.

July 7th:  “http://twitpic.com/5mp4ik

He looks so creepy now.  Can’t believe I used to watch that.

July 9th:  “Went to Dan Band last night . So much fun”

Gotta say, the website is pretty awesome.

July 9th:  ““@realsupermario: @ToddGlass Maybe twitter isn’t your thing….” why”

Are you kidding?  Who wants to see all prepared tweets?  Some people try too hard.  I say random shit is much better.  More spontaneous.

July 9th:  ““@V_Sprague: @toddglass comedy central special any time soon? Shooting hour special aug. 6th @ EL Rey in LA”

The real question is when do we get to see the first Tosh.O spinoff, Todd Glass’s Awful Prank Show?

July 11th:  “My niece got a tattoo that says “no regrets”… Monday she had it lasered off. Sounds like a joke, but it’s true.http://t.co/LkoBZPL

Well, at least she didn’t get this tattoo.

July 13th:  “The LA fitness on La Cienega is a contest to c how filthy they can their gym. ( check out my banner) http://t.co/iIJakLb

You’re jamming a lot in these tweets, Todd.  Spread them out.  They’re free.

July 15th:  “I went into a #Kmart the other day. Are they TRYING to go out of business? http://t.co/2W20E59

Wal Mart is killing them.  And Target is not helping.  Plus, they don’t have this website.

July 18th & 22nd:  “Taping my one hour special @ElReyTheatre in #LA Aug 6. (http://t.co/CMUu2sF) Getting ready in #Toronto and #Atlanta: http://t.co/fp5hsB8

Ooo!  Double post.  Well, who am I to judge, as I use my Twitter for relentless whoring of my website.  Good luck on the shows, Todd.

And how, let’s rate Todd’s tweets.  Seems pretty genuine.  I kinda like how he gets testy sometimes.  A bit of a plugger, but some good stuff in there.  I give Todd a 6 for Style, a 7 for Mustness and a 9 for Insanity.  That’s an overall score of 7.3.  Very respectable for a noob.  Keep working that Tosh.O, Todd.  And keep doing stuff like this.

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