Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die! Today’s contestant is Ron White, a most hilarious and (I believe) under appreciated stand up comic. He was just in Horrible Bosses in a supporting role as a cop. Hopefully, he’ll get his own movie one day. Until then, let’s check out his tweets, which are unverified, but I believe are his.

July 4th:  “My wife got me a Dream Catcher. It’s a little “gay” for me. I’m more of a Dream Pitcher.”

Boom!  Right out the gate with a joke.  Nice, Ron.

July 5th:  “If you’re saving up for a rainy day why not just move to the desert and splurge”

It’s true.  You can get like 100 acres for like ten bucks in New Mexico.

July 5th:  “Those are huge chicken wings. http://ow.ly/i/dVRh

More evidence that this tweet is legit.  Looks like a candid shot on the road.

July 6th:  “Big PreSale today! Lima OH, Ann Arbor MI, & Fort Wayne IN! Password TATER. Get ’em while they last! VIP tix available http://ow.ly/5sdtS

Password Tater.  That’s from his stand up. Totally worth a listen.

July 6th: “They’re gonna do “Charlie’s Angels” again on TV this year. Please let it be Manson this time.”

As long as they’re are tits, it should be fine.

July 7th: “TEXAS TEXAS TEXAS your very own is coming to town: Amarillo: July 22, Corpus Christi: July 23 and Houston: October 8 http://ow.ly/5yaGL”

Don’t forget to tell the jokes slower, Ron.

July 7th: “Finally got around to reading Jenna Jameson’s autobiography. Finished it in 3 minutes; then 15 to clean up.”

Like her videos, you just end fast forwarding to the good parts.

July 8th: “I’d never ride a 3 wheeler motorcycle. If having people see your legs is so important to you, just take the doors off your car.”

Yeah, those are kind of pussy cycles. Much harder to die on.

July 8th: “Ron shares his stories from his trip to Europe with Tater Tot. Including the Running of the Bulls. http://ow.ly/5ziKP”

I’m with ya. Who would do this?

July 9th: “Looks like @WillieNelson could get a year for weed possession. That’s what we need; Willie locked up and Casey Anthony partying.”

WTF? Can’t Willie qualify for some kind of medical marijuana deal yet?

July 9th: “New shows just added in Arizona & California! http://ow.ly/5A87z”

Have to catch you in AC, Ron.

July 10th: “Just realized I’ll never be a Lawyer because I can’t pass a bar.”

Ba-dum-dum! Keesh! Thank you! Try the veal!

July 11th: “Reminder to myself: Just because they’re called “Tramp Stamps” doesn’t mean you can lick ‘em.”

It’s true. Especially with this one.

10 hours ago: “Steve told me Derek Jeter has 3000 hits. Big deal! I passed 3000 “hits” years ago.”

He’ll be here all week, folks! Tip your waitresses! Good night!

7 hours ago: “Heading to #LasVegas? @TheMirageLV is giving away Ron White VIP tickets and packages! Enter to win here: http://on.fb.me/RWpageVIP”

Ron, you are definitely a Vegas comic. Cigar, drink— You’re kind of like the missing hillbilly member of the Rat Pack.

Okay, let’s rate Ron’s tweets. I cut out of few plugs, but nothing too intrusive. He’s definitely put some effort. I give him a 7 for Mustness, an 8 for Style and definitely a 10 for Insanity. That’s an overall score of 8.3. Ron should definitely be on your twitter list. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.