Hey bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today we take a look at the tweets of Jim Norton, one of the funnest guys in the comedy biz.  Let’s see if his tweets are just as twisted.

March 28th:  “IRVINE Improv this Thurs-Sat. And only 44 open tickets for Antisocial Network on April 30 at Foxwoods.”

Antisocial Network.  That’s a good name for a tour with Norton.  Funny.  It probably would be an awesome website that no one would go to.

March 28th:  “Doing podcast w @robertkelly on MMAfighting.com with @arielhelwani right NOW!”

MMA fighting?  No offense, but I gotta bet against you, Jim.

March 28th:  “212 254-0193 to talk to Bob and I on MMAfighting.com podcast”

Ah, effective use of social media.

March 28th:  “DICE Just did interview for Ent.Tonight with @chrisjacobs70 , gonna air @ 7pm tonite and tomorrownite WATCH IT ;) xoxo”

Dice needs a movie role.  I remember that episode of MASH he was on.  He was good.

March 28th:  “@jackdoff69 We don’t bill ourselves as ‘fighters’ you blithering idiot. Stick to jacking off to photos of other men.”

Ow!  Now there’s a smackdown!

March 28th:  “@arielhelwani had a great time on your podcast. You’re much better looking than I expected.”

And follow through with the backhanded compliment.

21 hours ago:  “My show is on the Boneyard right NOW!”

Cool.  Need a link though.  Or is that on TV?

20 hours ago:  ““@HeymanHustle: 1 of @ArielHelwani‘s best shows EVER! Guests @JimNorton and @RobertKelly … and their passion for MMA! http://t.co/tG8pJsW””

Ah, there it is.

12 hours ago:  ““@iSultan: I was in a comedy show @NYCcomedycellar with @ChrisRock @AzizAnsari @JimNorton @ARDIEFUQUA @Tompapa Hilarious night!””

Damn, that’s a line up!  You should get on Aziz’s show, Parks and Recreation.  I could see you doing a guest spot.  Maybe a crazy woodsman.

11 hours:  ”@JimNorton may I have a birthday retweet sir?”

It’s like Howard Stern’s one question and one question only.  Howard?

9 hours ago:  ““@JonathanAmes: Cool, I’m about to reach 15,000 followers! See the rest of my stats at Twitter Counter: http://t.co/7jKeKYR””

Yeah, I miss his show, Bored to Death.  The cable company found out I had free HBO.

5 hours ago:  “Just a couple of gangstas in the hizz-ouuse http://t.co/5v7NWQp

I see buddy movie!

4 hours ago:  “Snoop and that hot new rapper, Down S. Indrome. http://t.co/ep5MX7m


4 hours ago:  ““@Captnhappy: @JimNorton bad ass pic man, whats your favorite pic you have?” SABBATH http://t.co/PQ4ZAXx

That looks like Curly meeting his four grandpas.

3 hours ago:  ““@OandAfanInAZ: what picture don’t you have, that you really want to get?” Me being blown by Scarlett Johansson while high-fiving DeNiro.”

Ha!  Funny.  Plus I get to post a picture of Scarlett.

Okay, let’s rate Jim’s Tweets.  I thought he had a solid balance of plugs, responses and new material.  I give his Style a 7, for Mustness, definitely a 10 and Insanity, 9.  That’s a solid 8.6 overall.  Totally worth following.  Plus, there’s always a chance he’ll rip you a new one in front of thousands of twitter followers.  And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus email here.