Hello, bros! And welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die! This week’s contestant is comedian Greg Proops who might remember from his many stand up gigs and Whose Line is it Anyway? He’s funny, he’s in improv and he tweets. Let’s see how well.

November 14th: “I am overwhelmed by how much love you give Chicago. I love you back. I can’t come back soon enough.”

Greg’s stand up is pretty awesome and pretty smart. Let’s look at a clip.

November 14th: “I met Dennis De Young from Styx, saw Sam Shepard speak, couldn’t by a drink or a meal and got mad affection on the boards. Boom Boom Pow.”

Busy day.

November 14th: “And was touched by the Mancow.”

Oh, yeah, Mancow. One of his crew joined the frat.

November 15th: “Chelsea Lately Tonight Kittens. Be there.”

I have never seen that show, but here’s a clip.

November 16th: “Hey all y’all. Atlanta Thursday through Sunday. Laughing Skull Lounge. http://www.vortexcomedy.com/”

Ooo, good name for a club.

November 17th: “Grits on the Horizon.”

Yeah, that’s Atlanta. There is a most awesome 24 hour diner. Very East Coast.

November 18th: “Tonight, twice-nightly. Atlanta, kittens. http://www.vortexcomedy.com/”

Nice. I love Atlanta. I’m only there during Dragon Con, but it is a nice town. Lots of homeless, but even they are polite.

November 19th: “Regular Guys radio. Then, perhaps, the biscuit that flies.”

Flying biscuit? Hmm, tweeted improv doesn’t work I guess.

November 19th: “Dig some Odd News. http://oddnews.yahoo.com/video-odd-news-23096664”

Looks like a fun gig. Did you write it the one-liners? I like the one about Harry Potter fans.

November 20th: “Been to the Biscuit. Tonight two shows at the Skull then a secret Relapse at one bell.”

Oh, another strangely named bar in Atlanta perhaps?

November 20th: “Proopcast http://twitpic.com/38m9ia”
November 20th: “The Smartest Man in the World Proopcast This Wednesday 8pm Bar Lubitsch 7702 Santa Monica Bvd Admission is free for the sexy”

Damn, look at you. Flying all over the country. How did you enjoy the TSA enema?

6 hours ago: “Peach compote. Repeach. Peach compote.”

Yeah, that’s Atlanta. All about the peaches.

Okay, let’s rate Greg’s tweets. I think he had a good balance of plugs, comedy and links. I mean, he’s a busy comic, so I’m surprised he did this much original material just for his twitter. I feel like I can follow Greg a little bit on his journey. I give him a 7 for Style, 9 for Mustness and 8 for Insanity. That’s an overall score of 8, totally worth following. And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.