Due Date stars Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey, Jr. Downey plays an expectant dad trying to get back to L.A. for the birth of his baby. Zach is his usual off beat self.

This movie suffers from exactly the same problem as Dinner with Schmucks. Zach, being the Schmuck, is so unbelievably annoying from the get-go, that Downey has no reason to team up with him. A much better version of this movie, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, has Steve Martin stuck with John Candy because the weather snows him in. In Due Date, we’re expected to believe that Downey is stupid enough to put his wallet inside his bag and doesn’t get it back when Zach gets him thrown off a plane. (Spoilers coming)

Although it is established that Downey’s temper gets him into trouble, it’s still hard to swallow that he can’t keep his shit together for a few minutes just to get into the air. Later, Downey’s plan is to maybe steal a rental car, because without an I.D. and credit cards, he can’t rent one. This is still a bit of a stretch, as it seems he’s annoying enough to get thrown off a plane and put on a “no-fly list”, but not get arrested. If that’s the case, sure the airline would’ve taken some pity on him. If he had a plane ticket, then he must’ve HAD I.D. to get on the plane.

Okay, putting aside all that, Downey gets in the car with Zach and they are one their way. But almost immediately, Zach has to stop and buy pot. On the one hand, he’s anxious to help Downey and get to Hollywood, but on the other he needs to get high? When it’s revealed later (big Spoiler) that Zach actually held on to Downey’s wallet, this kind of negates this pot stop. If he’s SO desperate for Downey’s attention, why stop for pot when Downey objects? It’s just another excuse to be annoying and place Downey’s character into annoying situations.

It all comes off as annoying because it’s not organic. Later, Zach busts Downey out of a Mexican holding trailer just across the border. By that time, I was calling bullshit on the whole movie. The whole Zach character starts off way too big and annoying and the script struggles to heighten, but either fails or forces.

In Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Candy’s character is actually pretty likable and friendly. His actions are relatively normal, so you can believe Steve Martin is willing to share a ride with him. Downey’s character should’ve beaten the shit out of Zach at the end of the first act and left him bleeding by the side of the road.

Is it worth seeing? Both actors are okay, but they’ve both been better in so many other films. Zach is genius in the Hangover and Downey is brilliant in Sherlock Holmes. If you’re a completist, this is a rental at best.

I give Due Date 3 out of 10 keggers.