Hello bros and welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is actor and fellow nerd (so much so that he’s a “nerdist”) Chris Hardwick, voice of Green Arrow in the Batman cartoon. Let’s see how nerdy his tweets actually get.

July 23rd, 10:06pm: “via MichaelJaiWhite: Yes yes Y’awl! There will be another BLACK DYNAMITE and it will be even blacker and more dynamitey!”

That’s way better news then, say, announcing another sequel to the Spawn movie!

August 21st, 10:56am: “Whovians! TROCK=Timelord Rock and it is here–>http://afx.cc/trock”

Wow. That…that is a geeky link. I have to go look at some porn just to balance it out.

August 21st, 2:17pm: “I’m lost in the Barton Creek Mall!!! Weary…Might not make it out…May have set up camp in tent made of novelty wieners from Spencers…”

Oh, no! If those wieners are from Spencers those are not wieners! Repeat, not wieners! Still, it would be funny to see a tent made out of giant rubber dildos.

August 22nd, 2:17am: “THIS is a frakking NEWS STORY?? http://bit.ly/a9j0xT Oh, humans… #doublefacepalm”

Wow, can’t set the bar much lower than that…unless you’re CNN. Oh! ba-doom! Zing!

August 22nd, 4:36pm: “G’bye Austin! Wonderful dinner w/ @jaime_king & @kyle_newman plus 6 amazingly fun shows thanks to hundreds of huggable nerds! Philly next!”

Nice! My neck of the woods. A word of advice, though, don’t hug anyone, especially those dressed as Green Man.

August 23rd, 7:02pm: “Just did @chelsealately. Funtastic! Methinks it airs tonight on the tv picture box. Also chatted briefly with @eliroth who was delightful.”

Why was Eli Roth in the room while you were banging Chelsea Lately?

August 23, 8:09pm: “HILARIOUS. Check out Rockin’ Rod Blagojevic at The Chicago Con on geekchicdaily.com. http://j.mp/c9iGO2”

Hmmm, I wonder what kind of comic books he buys. What villain has big hair? Evil Elvis?

19 hours ago: “Nerdist Podcast #33 is up! The hilarious and insightful @PFTompkins–> http://afx.cc/pft #consumenow”

Nice, twitter account and podcast. You are fully in the Internet age.

9 hours: “Bikers unite! @peeweeherman goes to Sturgis, meets hogmasters, philosophical biker mamas & TV’s Renegade: http://afx.cc/pwsturgis”

I guess beneath every biker is a nerd waiting to spring free and do the Pee Wee Herman Tequila dance.

7 hours ago: “YESYESYES!!! Walking Dead trailer up! This will be the best new show of the year–>http://afx.cc/walkingdead #youwatchnow”

Looks pretty wicked cool. It’ll be interesting to see how long it lasts.

Okay, not bad. Chris clearly has lots to offer. I think the main stuff is on his blog, but if you’re a twitterfile, it’s a good place to skim the highlights. I give the Nerdist a 7 for Style, a 7 for Insanity and a 7 for Mustness. That’s a straight up 7 overall, totally worth a click.

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