Winter’s Bone is an arthouse movie. It’s subjects are extremely poor, which I find ironic because movies are usually made by people with money. That being said, it’s the sort of film that doesn’t talk down to its subjects.

The basic plot is Ree, the 17 year-old hero, is taking care of her younger brother and sister. Her mother has gone off her nut and is mostly catatonic. Her father is missing. After he puts up their house and land for his bond, this becomes a huge issue. Ree and the others will lose the house if the father doesn’t show up for court.

What follows is a drama following Ree trying to take on even more responsibility than a 17 year-old should have. On some levels, it’s kind of depressing and bleak. I half expected everyone to die horribly at the end.

Ree’s trials and tribulations don’t get over dramatic and it doesn’t turn into an action flick at the end. (I probably would’ve enjoyed that.) Overall, it’s not bad. I wouldn’t put it on the top of my list, but I don’t feel I wasted my money. Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Ree, gives a pretty amazing performance and the movie is mostly worth it because of her.

I give Winter’s Bone 6.5 keggers out of ten. It’s a good rental if you’re up for that kind of movie and not a bad night out if you’re looking for an arthouse flick that won’t bore you. Get some culture, you heathen and go see it.