Hello bros! Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Today’s contestant has wasted a great deal of my time because he keeps making TV shows that I like to watch: Matt Nix is the creator of Burn Notice (the show that finally put Bruce Campbell back on TV) and the absolutely addicting, The Good Guys. Let’s see if his tweets live up to his impressive television resume.

March 7th, 4:49pm: “Working on script for #burnnotice premiere. I’m thinking this year maybe I’ll just have everyone sit around talking. So much easier.”

Just make sure there are explosion, Bruce Campbell being snarky and Gabrielle Anwar wears less and less clothing as the episode progresses.

March 7th, 6:30pm: “To all who’ve asked about a flashback episode… We’ve talked about it. One of these days we will do it.”

That sounds like a Bruce-heavy episode. I approve!

March 22nd, 7:53pm: “I have learned, in recent days that television does not care that I have the flu.”

Producing quality television does take its toll. Believe me, I know.

March 26th, 8:23pm: “#brucecampbell and some hardcore bikers. Note bruce’s awesome bike. http://tweetphoto.com/15957469”

Like they would ever hurt a man that once chopped off his own hand and replace it with a chainsaw.

April 2nd, 2:40pm: “The writing staff of #whitecollar declared war on April fool’s day. @jeffeastin, prepare for our revenge. Prepare.”

You got two of the best shows on TV. I think your revenge is complete unless those guys also work for The Simpsons.

April 7th, 10:11pm: “Official promo poster for The Good Guys! Check it out…! http://tweetphoto.com/17576442”

Where do they hang TV show posters? Inside your TV? Do they break into your house and post it on the side? TV’s are very thin now. Could cause some problems.

April 10th, 5:26pm: “Thanks to all who let me know #mythbusters was testing #burnnotice gags. Our stuff works in theory… looks like they’ll keep us honest!”

Aw, man. No links! I missed that one!

April 21st, 11:06am: “Every character in every show I work on drives a nicer car than I do. http://tweetphoto.com/19331070”

That’s okay. Every character I created usually makes more money than man and they’re too stingy to loan me any. Stupid tightwad characters.

April 21st, 11:45am: “I drive a mini Cooper. It is a car most of my characters would not drive.”

I concur. Although it would be funny to have Dan be forced to drive one.

April 21st, 7:23pm: “I love my mini, but my characters drive cars with more oomph. The Aston Martin is for a criminal on The Good Guys.”

That was the car thief leader in this one!

April 22nd, 6:50pm: “An oldsmobile is sacrificed for art. http://tweetphoto.com/19502068”

Nice! If you need some other cars like that, I’d be happy to volunteer to shoot them.

April 22nd, 7:05pm: “The olds died for The Good Guys. Burn Notice is blowing up an office today, I believe.”

Nice! Explosions are what keep me watching. Is there any way you can get more explosions into the show. Maybe run a thing on the bottom during the credits and commercials? Or how about blowing up the credits!

May 15th, 1:26pm: “Planning for my revenge against @jeffeastin has begun.”

Remind me not to get on your bad side. You got a long memory, Matt.

May 15th, 1:28pm: “Meanwhile, I am at my drawing class trying not to think about the premiere of The Good Guys this week.”

Man, you got time for a drawing class? You are a most efficient producer of television, my friend.

May 19th, 10:16pm: “For those watching The Good Guys premiere and are wondering where Dan Stark got his skills… http://tweetphoto.com/23147329”

Nice. Now tell us who taught him to grow the ‘stache?

May 19th, 11:22pm: “In honor of #thegoodguys premiere. http://tweetphoto.com/23154245”

The ‘stache is back!

May 19th, 11:23pm: “Another #thegoodguys pic. http://tweetphoto.com/23154344”

His ‘stache is thin. That’s why he plays a bad guy.

May 26th, 8:49pm: “I love wnyc’s radiolab. Pretty soon Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich will own all the real estate in my brain.”

Well, at least the housing market there has bounced back.

June 4th, 12:41pm: “Thanks to all who watched last night! I’m following up a fun premiere with a dental apointment!”

No problem. Enjoy your new, straighten, whiten teeth on us!

June 4th, 3:22pm: “Today’s good news: the ratings for the #burnnotice premiere were great!”

Good deal. Now you can afford more teeth. Maybe even an extra row. You’ll be able to eat like a shark!

June 4th, 3:24pm: “Today’s bad news: my dentist is mad at me for not flossing enough.”

Charge it to one of the shows. I want to see “Matt Nix’s Teeth Flossed by” in the credits.

June 7th, 11:13pm: “This is the first week when both #burnnotice and #thegoodguys is on. Exciting. Also kinda scary.”

It’s like you have two jobs, only you’re not driving a cab AND cleaning out the peep show booths at the same time.

June 7th, 11:15pm: “Also, everyone watch #lietome, from my friends Sam Baum and @shawnryantv!”

Hey, that’s the other show I watch! Nice! Tell your friend Sam, it’s pretty awesome.

June 8th, 1:06am: “@jeffeastin we are currently trying to name a character Jeff Eastin on #thegoodguys. Some legal issue… We may need you to sign something.”

Hey, we do that in one of my comics, Comic Book Mafia.

June 17th, 9:35pm: “At dinner with gabrielle. I feel glamorous.”

Nice, dude!

June 17th, 9:36pm: “To those worried about michael’s sunglasses; thanks to your postings and concern, we were reminded to bring them back. Thank you.”

Thank you! Jeez, and leave the ‘stache, will ya? Look, we’ll come up with a checklist and email it to you.

Okay, let’s rate Matt’s tweets. He doesn’t update often, but he’s pretty regular. I definitely see a little inside scoop with the shows if you’re a fan. That’s a 7 for Style, 6 for Insanity and 8 for Mustness. That’s an overall score of 7. Plus, I give it an extra 2 because both your shows are awesome. That’s a 9. A must follow and you should watch the shows. That’s all for TIF this week and if you have a suggestion, email us here.