Get Him to the Greek stars Russel Brand, reprising his role as Aldous Snow, quirky rockstar from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jonah Hill plays a minor record executive that must help him to get to a concert in L.A. that will relaunch his career.

Brand and Hill tear up the screen, as Brand drags Hill into one rockstar excess after another. Hill naively follows, eventually discovering that Brand’s Snow is just a lonely, selfish guy. P. Diddy plays Hill’s boss and he nearly steals the whole movie as a ruthless record exec that will do anything to make sure his six kids stay in Air Jordans.

The movie is pretty solid up until the last part of the third act. At that point, it kind of falls into a typical ending, but it can be forgiven. You had a pretty good ride up until that point, it doesn’t hurt to coast the last ten minutes.

One annoying thing: There are at least two scenes in the trailer not in the movie: The scene where brand rides a tiny car and say, “I’m a motorist!” and the scene where he wakes up Hill to go jogging at 6am. Also, there’s a different take of one of the record execs pitching to P. Diddy. In the trailer he pitches “Mexican Jonas Brothers” and in the movie he pitches “The next Alicia Keys”. I think the trailer guys actually picked funnier takes. Maybe they should direct.

Despite the drawbacks, Greek is a lot of fun. It’s probably going to get lost in the sea of blockbuster bullshit this summer, which is a shame. Between Hill, Brand and Diddy, these guys just carry the movie. It doesn’t really matter the plot, it’s just fun to watch them go nuts. Although the script isn’t as sharp as Sarah Marshall, it’s still okay.

I give Get Him to the Greek 7.5 out of 10 keggers. Definitely worth seeing, bros, although you might have to wait for DVD to see it all.