Hey Bros!

Whew! What a weekend in Philly! I was witnessed to the great resurrection of the Philadelphia Comic Con (formerly Wizard World Philly). My buddy, Spat, gets much of the credit, as he has turned what used to be a convention that seemed to be run by indifferent corporate jackholes to a convention that really integrates the fans and has a fun atmosphere. I’m actually looking forward to next year! I forgot my pledge stuff on the first two days, so only a few pledges, but we did see quite a few of the old bros! Thanks for coming out and supporting us!

Brother Solitary

Brothers Maxwell House and Quick Draw

Harley Quinn stopped by to smash me in the face with a hammer.

Behold! The Iron Man Pimp Cane! Can the Iron Hos be far behind?

Special thanks to Jesse for capturing me in this heroic pose.