Hey bros. Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die. Today’s contestant is Michael Showalter, one of the legends behind the State, Stella and Michael and Michael have issues. Since one good Mike deserves another, this twitter analysis is long over due.

April 3rd, 10:10am: “I’ll be at the Rumpus event Tuesday with Colson Whitehead and Dave Hill and lots of other smarty pants. http://bit.ly/9D0oxH”

Michael always puts on a hilarious show. I saw him once at the Luna Lounge in New York doing this bit that he was running for president. His platform mostly involved giving people cocaine and beer. His timing was hilariously awesome.

April 7th, 5:45pm: “Thank God baseball is back — now I’ll something to talk to my father about for at least the next five months.”

Yeah, unless your both Mets fans.

April 14th, 10:01am: “Great cover! Hall and Oates’ “Rich Girl” by Bird & Bee”

April 15th, 7:15am: “I was WRONG about you Kara! You rock. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTeBtw9Jhsc&feature=related”

It’s nice. I don’t know if it “rocks”. Technically, a professional wrestler should be able to enter on a song if it rocks. Still, it’s good.

April 21st, 10:22am: “”Let The Right One In” Excellent and haunting vampire movie. I will not say more. You’ll have to see it for yourself. (it’s got subtitles.)”

I heard good things about this as well. Might have to wait for DVD.

April 24th, 1:24pm: “Today is the perfect day for me to feel bad about not taking advantage of the fact that’s it a perfect day.”

On days like that, I ask myself, “What would Doug do?”

April 26th, 1:09pm: “Pet Peeve: People who laugh to themselves on the street.”

Does it count if they’re on a cellphone? I say, “Yes”.

April 26th, 6:25pm: “Taking a poll: Have people under age of 30 ever heard of “Co-ed Naked Lacrosse”?”

No, but I am too old for your poll.

April 27th, 6:21pm: “I feel like I’m not as good at this Twitter thing as Courtney Love is.”

Well, she does pretty much ignore the 140 limit.

April 27th, 7:05pm: “New poll: what is currently your least favorite/most annoying TV commercial? Eg: Mine is the “you had to be there” vodka ice ads.”

Any Progressive ad with “Flo”.

April 28th, 11:11pm: “To see my Cat Buddha please visit http://tiny.cc/vjqr4”

Those are some fat cats.

April 29th, 11:26am: “Hey, it can’t hurt to ask, right? http://tiny.cc/f7ewx”

Yeah, I posted a sign like that once, but my solid gold hooker never arrived.

April 30th, 10:54am: “Listening to Cat Power; wondering if Jason Kidd is black; about to go and buy @sarahksilverman’s book “The Bedwetter”. Pretty typical day.”

You are much more laid back than your Michael counterpart.

May 1st, 11:30am: “Inspired thought of the day: the word “PLANTS” minus the letter “L” = the word “PANTS.””

And take out the P and you’ve got ants in those pants!

May 1st, 3:39pm: “My newest film project http://tiny.cc/5hlqv”

Yep, thems some good eatin’ cats!

May 1st, 4:09pm: “Experiencing technical difficulties please stand by.”

Dammit! I hope he comes back online soon, because then he can’t— Wait a minute!

May 2nd, 9:13am: “”STAIN” + “P” – “I” = PANTS”

My God, “STALIN” – “L” – “I” + P = PANTS!

May 2nd, 9:15am: “Also “SATIN” + “P” – “IS” = “PANT””

My God, “SATAN” – “A” + “P” = PANTS! The prophecy was right!

Okay, let’s rate Michael Showalter’s tweets. I give him a 6 for Insanity, since he’s pretty laid back, but talks about “PANTS” alot. A 7 for Mustness, since he updates regularly. And an 8 for Style. That’s an overall score of 7. Worth following. And if you’d like to suggest someone for Twitter in Focus, email us here.