Hey bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die. Our contestant this week is another Daily Show correspondent, Aasif Mandvi. Let’s see if his tweets are as funny as his segments.

February 14th, 10:29am: “Label me , define me, nail me down with cold words & that box will be your coffin, for I do not know who I am – Rumi”

Ooo, deep. Now be funny.

February 15th, 1:37am: “@mj0701 lol… don’t worry, Im sure I’ll “bimbo” it up soon enough.”

I don’t normally post the replies, but I thought “bimbo” it up was funny.

February 16th, 4:00pm: “”The Response” http://bit.ly/ctOR8 screening tonight in D.C.@The French Embassy@6:30. I will let u know how the food was.”

Wow, that sounds pretty awesome. Nice job!

February 18th, 11:58pm: “Dubai 1, Mossad 0”

Ouch. Yeah, what was up with that? That was beyond messed up. Don’t these dumbasses know to pay in cash?

February 28th, 6:13pm: “Congratulations Finland!!!!”

Yeah, this is an awesome song.

March 3rd, 11:01am: “Why do they hate us? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJuNgBkloFE&feature=related”

Yeah, I love and hate that video at the same time.

March 5th, 2:39am: “Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! WooHoo Getting older has never felt bett-Ow! What was that? Oh God! i heard a pop. Help me up someone.”

Ha! There it is! He’ll be here all week folks! Try the veal!

March 6th, 6:33pm: “Thank you tweeters, facebookers for all the birthday wishes!”

Dude! Don’t thank those guys! Most of them are CIA agents. That’s how they’ve been keeping tabs on you! Stop answering their quizzes and for God’s sake, don’t accept their Mafia War invitation! (Although, if you could help me out in Superhero City, I’d appreciate it. I need one more member for my team.)

March 6th, 8:01pm: “Chemstry Nobel Laureatte Venkatraman Ramakrishnan quoted me while rcvng “India Abroad” Person of the Year Award. Does this change my HS GPA?”

Yes! Congratulations Salutatorian!

March 11th, 6:02pm: “Bringin’ the Masala party to San Francisco tonight. http://bit.ly/c30LnL”

Damn Aasif, you’re in everything. Next stop, Law and Order. Maybe you get caught “bimboing” it up.

March 11th, 10:59pm: “Webcast live from the SF Asian American Film Festival. Festival.asianamericanmedia.org/2010”


March 11th, 11:02pm: “Live http://bit.ly/9T2OGq”

Hey, Aasif. Why does everyone dance at the end of a Bollywood movie? I mean, do they do that for all Indian movies? Like even the Indian Diehard or the Indian version of Precious.

March 15th, 5:43pm: “Tonight on The Daily Show: Health care Executives and my homage to Hotel Security at The Ritz Carlton in DC. 11pm EST Comedy Central.”

And here it is! You rock Aasif!

7 hours ago: “Smooth Jazz and Mettallica. (Can anyone say chocolate and peanut butter) nhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBmM79YadYM”

I tried head banging to that, but I got a kink in my neck.

Okay, let’s rate Aasif’s tweet. I give him a 6 for Mustness (good stuff and lots of plugs), 7 for Insanity (funny stuff!) and definitely a 9 for Style (class act). That’s an overall score of 7.3. I’m rounding it up to an 8 because of the Batman reference. Good job Aasif!
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