Hey bros.  Welcome to another edition of Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is the legendary comedian who looks and acts like a rockstar, Russel Brand.  You’ve seen him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and you shall soon see him in Get Him to the Greek.   For now, you’ll see his tweets.

February 14th, 7:32am: “Watch @ronskanky‘s trailer. (Movie trailer- not 8Mile style motor home) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQnySDKL4ag&feature=related

That looks like a most awesomely funny film.  Thanks for the tip, RB.

February 14th, 7:42am: “Trailer for me and @pdiddy‘s movie. (We DID live in an 8mile style house during It) http://www.russellbrand.tv/2010/02/here-it-is/

Dude, that looks amazingly.  I’m totally there.

February 14th, 7:49am: “Diddy’s twitter is actually @iamdiddy. “I am Diddy” When I wrote that I imagined I was him. Go and drink my vodka- “rustywater”

Diddy looked pretty funny in that trailer as well.  He seems to have a sense of humor about himself.  I’ve been watching this youtube video of him lately.  Way late on this song.  Initially started listening to it after having to hear the original, after digging the Weird Al parody.

February 20th, 1:48pm: “Chat roulette?Russian roulette is less risky.The world is full of maniacs menacing their privates and there’s a bullet in every chamber.

Agreed.  This is the only good use I’ve seen of that website.

February 20th, 1:53pm: “Transcending and writing Booky Wook 2- get ready for the revolution- if I can stop getting shot with sperm bullets on wank-roulette.

You should borrow a sneeze guard from a restaurant and put it in front of your computer.

February 20th, 6:49pm: “The Shining? Misery? I’m writing my book in snowbound Fairfield. “HeEere’s RuUuSty!” Now I just need my ankles smashed up.

Yeah, nothing ever pleasant happens to Stephen King writers.

March 5th, 6:15pm: “Dear Mum, I’ve been living on Shutter Island for a few weeks and it’s quite nice. Gandhi is in charge. Send condoms.

Two hours of Shutter Island was enough for me.

March 5th, 6:16pm: “Mum. Shutter Island still fun. Boy from Titanic has moved into next room. God he’s moody. WHERE ARE THOSE CONDOMS?!

Oh, Ghandi.  Now I get it.

March 5th, 6:32pm: “Dear Mum.This holiday on Shutter Island has gone real weird,today the Exorcist put his finger in my bottom.I’d like to come home.Condoms?

Is your mum really the best person to ask, Russell?

March 8th, 7:19pm: “A surgeon who specialises in gender reversal just told me I’d make a good woman and gave me his card, like it was a haircut.

Don’t do it, Russell.  Think of all the condoms your mom is buying.

March 8th, 7:34pm: “I am disgusted that after his years as a gigilo, Deuce Bigelow has been given an Oscar as best woman director. Typical Hollywood hypocrisy.

Agreed.  If only they had sent Rob Schneider to Pandora.

March 8th, 8:01pm: “Karl Rove has denied bing involved in a smear campaign. I didn’t even know he had a vagina.

Ba-dum-dum!  Keesh!

March 9th, 9:46pm: “Lakers tonight. I’ll be courtside. Tonight Kobe must focus on three balls because I refuse to wear underpants.

Just wipe the seat off for Jack Nicholson before the next game.

March 9th, 10:00pm: “I’ve just heard the Lakers are all millionaires! How! I put my balls in a basket ONCE and I was thrown out of the maternity ward.

Again, the hypocrisy of Hollywood.

March 9th, 10:19pm: “What is a Laker anyway? A sub aquatic Quaker? It doesn’t make sense. And they pick the ball up in their hands. God I miss West Ham.

No, the West Hams played for Oakland.  The Aquatic Quakers played for Fresno.

March 12th, 7:54pm: “Playing table tennis with John Belushi’s ghost. He is a bad loser but the banter is great.

You are a relentless one-liner machine, RB.

March 14th, 3:08am: “http://znl.me/PJIWSU Yes, but would it make a good pizza topping?


March 15th, 1:56am: “Dear Mum,this lesbian prison I’m in is ok.Lady Gaga turned up yesterday-and she brought fags,well she was wearing them.Send condoms.

Wait the cigarettes or the guys?

March 15th, 1:58am: “Dear Mum, sorry I’ve not called, prison not going well. Gaga always on the phone. Send cigarettes she won’t let anyone smoke her glasses.

Ummm.  Wha?

14 hours ago: “From russellbrand.tv: Get Him To The Greek – redband trailer http://www.russellbrand.tv/2010/03/get-him-to-the-greek-redband-trailer/


Okay, let’s rate Russell’s tweets.  I give Russel a 7 for Mustness, he’s keeps up at a steady pace.  9 for Style, he’s full of that and finally a 9 for Insanity, which he has lots of.  That’s an overall score of 8.3.  Excellent.  Definitely one to follow.  And if you have a suggestion for TIF, email us here.