Hey, bros.  Welcome to Twitter in Focus where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Joel McHale from, most recently, the hit sitcom Community.  I missed Community when it first launched, but got into thanks to Hulu.  It’s pretty awesome and also features Chevy Chase and Donald Glove, who you might remember from some of the comedy sketches frequently posted at Collegehumor.com.

Anyhow, McHale was on my short list for a while to review, so here we go.

February 2nd, 5:30pm: “ Shooting Community right now. We’re using a lot of paint ball guns. I think I’ve gone to heaven.

See, these are the kind of tweets I like from celebrities.  I get a preview of what they’re working on, plus a little personal insight.  Nice Joel.

February 3rd, 12:55pm: “Hola. Win 2 tickets to my show at Pechanga Casino in Temecula Feb 6. Email Joeltemecula@gmail.com. Winner randomly selected Feb 4.

Nice.  Now that is working the twitter.

February 4th, 12:53am: “I’m watching Ken Jeong shoot two gold painted pistols tonight. So it’s a regular night of shooting Community.

You guys always do weird stuff on that show.  I love it.  The stakes are so low.

February 4th, 12:54am: “Oh, and it’s in slow motion.

Like the Max Payne video game.  Nice.

February 4th, 12:37pm: “I’m going with the Houston Oilers by 12 for the Superbowl.

Dude, that’s like picking the remaining members of The Who for the Half Time show.  No way that’s going to happen.

February 4th, 12:37pm: “No wait. Los Angeles Rams by 3

That’s like picking the remaining Beatles for the Half Time show.

February 4th, 4:05pm: “I wonder if tweeting about Audi having a cool “green” Super Bowl ad would get them to give me a free car?

Probably not, but I’ll send you a signed Super Frat comic book if you tweet the website.  I’ll throw in a T-shirt if you promise me a twit pic.

February 10th, 7:26pm: “Does anyone need help shoveling snow today?

Dammit, I should’ve read this tweet sooner.  How about Thursday?

February 11th, 4:12pm: “I heard from a friend of a friend of a friend that Ken Jeong wins Survivor so you might as well watch Community tonight

Here’s a link in case you missed it.

February 12th, 6:57pm: “I’m yelling a lot today at Annie(Alison Brie). I’m a slave to the script. Sorry Alison (It is kind of fun though) Someone tell her it’ll …

C’mon, Joel.  You can improv.  I’ve seen The Soup.

February 13th, 3:01pm: “Listening to Nirvana’s “Sappy”. So good.

Ooo, good song.

February 14th, 8:26pm: “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I’d send you all cards but that would take forever and cost a fortune.”

Nah, me and the missus are too broke to spend our money on that crap. We did have a gift certificate to a Brazilian steakhouse. Nice!

February 17th, 2:07am: “Yeah, I’m still up watching ice skating.”

That’s totally not gay.

February 17th, 3:19pm: “Headed back to Borgata Casino in Atlantic City June 25-26 www.livenation.com/artist/joel-mchale-ticket Come see me!”

Oh, rock! If I had a gift certificate and a time machine, I’d so be there.

February 17th, 4:34pm: “This is a good hilarious friend of mine. He’s on My Boys. Follow him! @jamiekaler”

Oh, yeah, I’ve seen him. He’s pretty funny.

February 18th, 5:03pm: “The great Jon Oliver is back on set today. I wish I could understand what he was saying.”

Jon Oliver is the fucking shit.

February 21st, 3:36pm: “No joke, here. Soup family friend Andrew Koenig missing in Vancouver since Feb 14th. Any info, please contact Vancouver authorities. Thx.”

Yeah, I’ve been following that. I hope he’s okay. Maybe he just wanted to go on walk about or something.

23 hours ago: “After this Olympics I will retire from Ice Dancing.”

No! Well, just don’t retire from ice sculpting.

All right, let’s rate Joel. Joel’s a lot like his character in Community. Pretty biting and sarcastic. For Style, I give him a 9, for Insanity I give him a 7 and for Mustness I give him a 10. He’s got just the right balance here of personal info and plug without overdoing either. Very nice job. That’s an overall score of 8.6. A must follow. Thanks for playing Joel! And if you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.