Hey Bros!

Welcome to Twitter in Focus, where media comes to die.  Today’s contestant is Veronica Belmont, the host of Tekzilla.  She hot and she’s a geek.  Do you really need to know much more?  Let’s gawk at her pics and see if she can tweet.

December 26th, 2:48pm:  “@seanbonner um, I’m sitting in a parking lot at a KMart in CT. FMLx2!

Christmas was yesterday.  Oooo!  So close!

December 26th, 4:10pm: “@Trixxy ouch, dude. can’t wait to see you though! if you ever get there! ;)

This is why I normally don’t post replies, since you only get half the conversation.  But that’s most of her tweets, so we’ll just have to figure it out.  Hmmm.  I’m gonna say, Trixxy fell off a train, but is so handsome, Veronica still wants to see him even if half his face got ripped off.  Just a guess.

December 26th, 4:15pm: “Holiday Flowchart: Inappropriate Times To Use Your Smartphone With Family http://bit.ly/6GRcb6


December 26th, 6:32pm: “Eating hometown pizza with @nickydigital. Nom. http://yfrog.com/3722621035j

You are truly a tweeter, Veronica.  It’s like every minute of your day is up here.

December 26th, 8:57pm: “@Rick_Baumhauer yes indeed :)

I’m going to guess that the question was, “Did you kill that man and take his pizza?”

December 27th, 5:59pm: “Hey big box store! Typically a good idea to make sure the returned item you’re reselling isn’t BROKEN before you put it back on the SHELF.

Yeah!  Take that vaguely referenced store!

December 28th, 5:19pm: “@squire_wolf5 good thank you :)

I’m going to guess the question was, “How is your pet squid Rex?”

December 28th, 9:00pm: “@phxhawke I don’t really pay attention. Mostly it’s spam anyhow, and the fewer of them the better!

I’m going to guess the question was, “When you’re eating canned ham, which do you prefer?”

December 28th, 9:01pm: “@johnmclagan I don’t get it?

I’m guessing the previous tweet was, “If you don’t bring me the briefcase full of cash, gets what happens to you precious ipod with all your music?  That’s right guess!”

16 hours ago:  “@Lance_G the bubbly I don’t mind. It’s when they stop saying “young” that I’ll get nervous ;)

Possible previous tweet:  “I hear when you forget the code word, French people will waterboard you with champaign.  Is that true?”

16 hours ago: “@BillCorbett remind me to tell you my Gallagher story sometime. Yes, I have a story.

Possible previous tweet:  “Why does Gallagher sob uncontrollably when he sees you on TV?”

16 hours ago: “Looking forward to traveling back in time to return to San Francisco today. #timezonesarewacky

Don’t do it.  Remember what happened to Stewie.

14 hours ago: “@BillCorbett Hmm… wouldn’t call it disturbing. Although he did eat my dinner with his fingers. I take it back, totally disturbing.

Possible previous tweet: “What was having dinner with Bill Clinton like?”

12 hours ago: “@IanGertler it was a USB wireless adapter.

Possible previous tweet: “What does a geek girl like to think her vibrator as?”

7 hours ago: “@ginatrapani I flew domestic today, and nothing changed for me, before or after boarding. Left from small airport, though.

Lucky you.  Soon they’ll be checking everyone’s underwear.  That’s two kinds of terrorists threats they can find in there.  One a bomb, the other, what they find after they tell the passengers there’s a bomb.

7 hours ago: “@DaveFriedel like these? http://yfrog.com/4fpd3tj

Delicious smores.  How did you get them in an airport?

7 hours ago: “@Randydeluxe I did too, on my first viewing.

Possible previous tweet:  “Avatar made me so sick, I threw up in anger on the woman in front of me.”

1 hour ago: “@DanStapleton just you wait until you get to the backstreets of Denerim! Yes, yes, “that’s what she said…”

Dammit!  She beat me to the joke.

Okay, it’s time to rate Veronica.  She is very prolific and is in constant tweet mode.  Hard to read her Style, but I’ll give her a 7 because she’s pretty cute.  Mustness, I have to go with a 4 because it’s liable to overload your page.  But for Insanity, I give her a 9, simple because she must be bashing her little keyboard all day.  That’s an overall score of 6 point something.  Let’s just say 7, because again, cute.

That’s all for TIF this week bros.  If you have a suggestion for Twitter in Focus, email us here.